More Fun in the Sun

More Fun in the Sun

I know what you’re thinking; another hiatus?! You just had one of those! It’s true. But apparently July is the best time to visit the place where we live, so what can I do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I originally planned this hiatus to be only one week long. I also planned to be extra productive to make up for all the time I spent hiking and swimming. I originally planned on having a working computer. But with all the insanity that has been the past two weeks, I’ve got to take an emergency extension on this hiatus. If things aren’t sorted out within the next two weeks, I’m sure I’ll have lost my mind anyway.

That means leaving you without much entertainment this week and next. On the bright side, after this you have me until October (when my brother gets married) so you’ve got lots of me to look forward to.

I already left you with a list of my favorite prompts (Island of Lost Forevers is still on sale for 99cents by the way), and a master list of all my writing basics posts, so this week I’ve dug extra deep, to some of the earliest adventures I blogged about. So here’s a recap of my trip to sunny Belize and all the amazing things we saw while we were there.

First we had to ride in a tiny little plane, which offered a fantastic view.
Later we visited the ruins of Xunantunich (Maiden of the Rock).
And I had my first snorkeling experience (with the most awesome guide ever)!
Last (but certainly not least) we visited Lubaantun, where the crystal skull is said to have been discovered.

Just in case that isn’t enough adventure for you, here’s an account of me tasting my way around the world at Disney’s Food and Wine Festival in 2012. (More Disney adventures here.)

See you all again soon! And you know what? Go ahead and wreck the place while I’m gone ;)

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