The Soul of the Earth

The Soul of the Earth

Book Two of the Eternity’s Empire Collection

~Kindle / Kindle Unlimited~

The Guardians of Aeternitas know the truth about how and why they came to Earth. But the truth can’t reverse the damage.

The awakening of Shima’s dormant powers triggers a series of latent memories, providing everyone a shocking series of revelations. Now that Erica and her friends understand the origins of their goddess-like powers, a new mystery unfolds around them. The struggle in which they are embroiled is centuries old, and more complex than they could have imagined.

Poised on the brink of war, the guardians of Aeternitas must now work with the same people who hunted them mere hours before. But the alliance is tenuous at best, and it seems not all their former enemies are interested in working together. Time is running out; but if the threat of war can’t unite them, what else can?

This book contains chapters 6-10 of the Eternity’s Empire saga (Soul of the Earth, Guardian’s Oath, Crumbling Reality, Warrior’s Folly, and Sun Goddess’s Gambit), previously published separately.

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