SilkfootThe Ultimate Key; a Tale of Greed

Of all the queen’s treasures, it was to the simple silver key she wore around her neck that Silkfoot’s eyes were continuously drawn. It was too plain to have been intended as a decoration, too ordinary to suit the fantastic nature of the woman who wore it. But he dared not ask about the adornment,… Read more »

Inside the Mind of Pirate

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. Awhile back I talked about questions that will better help you connect with your characters. I then answered those questions with several of my characters (Domerin, Catilen, and Zita). I always meant to do more of these and I thought it might be fun to get… Read more »

Farewell 2016

Part of me can’t believe it’s time to write my Christmas Hiatus post already; the part of me that’s still back in February, fresh back from watching Deadpool, before the year got super crazy. The rest of me is ready to get off the wild ride that 2016 has been and is hoping that next… Read more »

SilkfootTruth is a Variable State

I enjoy taking the time to introduce my worlds and characters here. It inevitably reminds me of characters I haven’t been paying enough attention to. So I’m pleased to mention one of my most amusing and entertaining characters; Silkfoot. It may seem like he often slips through the cracks, but it’s more that he likes… Read more »

DomerinA Modern Fantasy Setting

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a fantasy world that made it to modern times. Not quite the same as urban fantasy, which tends to be our world with magical elements tossed in. More like a high fantasy world whose ancient empires never fell. A world where it makes sense for a warrior… Read more »

Short and Sweet

The day this goes live, my little brother will have just finished saying his vows. I will be fresh back from a whirlwind trip to the states (probably and hopefully deeply asleep). I’m sure it was a lovely wedding (though I’m writing in this in the past, so I don’t yet have details). In any… Read more »

SilkfootA Year in Review

This prompt marks one year of weekly story-telling. As such, my writing partner and I agreed that we should do something a little special. The ‘prompt’ therefore came to include as many references to past prompts as possible in the scene. We both had very different approaches and agreed it was a fun exercise. I… Read more »

SilkfootStop Leaving Bodies in the Kitchen

“Son of a-” Kestrel announced his arrival to the kitchen with a loud thud. Silkfoot echoed it moments later as he tried to stand and smacked his head against the interior of the cupboard into which he’d been leaning. He grunted, rubbed the sore spot on the side of his scalp and carefully extracted his… Read more »

SilkfootA Dream Changes Everything

Nimble fingers slid between pocket and wallet without the owner taking notice. They moved by matter of inches, yet completed their task within seconds. By the time the owner’s hip collided with the thief’s shoulders, it was too late. The wallet had been firmly stashed in a new pocket, a deep inner pocket located on… Read more »

SilkfootHe Knows the Right People

Most men lost sleep the night before a significant business transaction. They worked themselves into a frenzy over everything that could possibly go wrong, planning for each contingency in turn in order to mitigate the impact should the worst happen. And when they’d finished planning, they sweated over how to get the most desirable results… Read more »