Holy Cow – Chapter 8 Already?!

Erica and her friends have returned to the alternate Earth on a desperate mission to prevent war with their home empire. But the world is not as they left it. People have gone missing and no one is sure where they will turn up – if they turn up. Worse, the world itself seems to… Read more »

Soul of the Earth is Finally Here!

My sincerest apologies to have kept everyone waiting for the next installment of Eternity’s Empire. I originally hoped to release this chapter last month, but 2016 made a lot more demands on my time in the last half of the year than I expected. Chapters 6 and 7 are also pivotal chapters and I wanted… Read more »

Introducing The Light of Eternity – Book 1 of Eternity’s Empire

Early last year I set out to produce a series of serial short stories surrounding a group of college age girls who suddenly discover they have the magical abilities of ancient goddesses. I started with an outline and quickly threw it out, enjoying the thrill of going where the story took me. I use this… Read more »

Fresh Goals for a Fresh Year

Every year I talk about how I hate New Years Resolutions because they never stick; I prefer goals. I usually publish this post as I’m ringing in the New Year on New Year’s Eve, but this year I decided to wait until I got back from vacation. (We spent two weeks in Florida with family… Read more »

Dark Rituals — Available Now!

As promised, the fifth chapter of Eternity’s Empire is here! Two ancient goddesses have taken over the Antarctic dig site and Erica has walked willingly into their trap. That leaves Shima to reunite the guardians and set things right. There’s just one problem; though she can feel power stirring in her breast, Shima can’t seem… Read more »

Dance With Death – – Available Now!

Life has thrown me a lot of curve balls on the way to this release, but I remained determined. Now I’m pleased to present to you Chapter 4 of Eternity’s Empire! If all goes well, Chapter 5 should be in your hands by October 18th. The entire dig is in an uproar. Mere days after… Read more »

Curse of Chronos – – Available Now!

My apologies to anyone who has been waiting for chapter three of Eternity’s Empire. When my computer died this summer, it threw a lot of things into chaos. I hoped to pull it all back together in time for the release but, alas, it didn’t happen. So I’m sorry about the extra week of waiting…. Read more »

Light of Eternity – Available Now!

A month ago I introduced Crystal Shrouded Goddess, the first chapter of my latest project, Eternity’s Empire. I promised that the second chapter would be available in a month and here it is! Erica’s friends have magical powers. But no ancient goddess chose to work through her. The morning after the attack, no one else… Read more »

Crystal Shrouded Goddess – Available Now!

When I finished the Mystical Island Trilogy, I started working on Dreamers Do Lie, first in a pair of high fantasy novels I hope to see traditionally published one day (knock on wood). It’s been an enjoyable project and I’m greatly looking forward to sending queries later this year, even if it results in a… Read more »

Sea of Twisted Souls – Now Available!

The week has finally arrived! This weekend, we’ll be rocking to the sweet sounds of Iron Maiden LIVE! Oh yeah, and you can now purchase the final book in the Mythical Island Trilogy! Holy cow! Though I always intended to see the trilogy through to its end, I don’t think I ever believed I’d reach… Read more »