The Greenheart Tree Walk

When my long-time friend and writing partner visited this summer, we decided to take a trip over to Vancouver for a couple days. The hubby and I haven’t had much time to explore its attractions, and there’s only so much to see in our much smaller city. We planned our visit so that we could… Read more »

I Broke the Tardis – a Doctor Who Experience

If you’ve ever wanted Doctor Who to seep into your every day life, Cardiff is the place to go. Probably because the show is filmed there, so it’s a huge part of the city’s culture. No where else in the UK did we find as many references and memorabilia for the show (just that one… Read more »

Cardiff Castle; an Interesting Journey Through Time

Our final trip in the UK was to Cardiff, because we simply couldn’t leave without seeing Wales. There are lots of amazing castles and landscapes in Wales that, sadly, we weren’t able to visit due to our transportation limits. But we did see many interesting things during our trip to Cardiff. Our first stop was,… Read more »

Saying Farewell

The British Museum is huge. You’d probably have to live in London to see the whole thing. Even then, I wonder if anyone ever feels like they saw everything the museum has to offer. We were members for just shy a year and we tried to see as much as we could in the time… Read more »

Shakespeare’s Globe

I have always loved theatre, though I have no talent for it. I took one drama class in high school and it convinced me I’m better at writing stories than acting them out. But I still love to attend theatre productions. I also have a fondness for Shakespeare, so it goes without saying that visiting… Read more »

One Last Special Exhibit

By the time we returned to Edinburgh for our last hurrah, we knew we were going to miss the Ming Dynasty exhibit at the British Museum. We were still members at the time it debuted but, alas, we were on the other side of the world. Lucky for us, the National Scottish Museum had unveiled… Read more »

Blessed Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! I still can’t believe it. 2015 passed in the blink of an eye! We’re off to visit family and celebrate the holidays for the next three weeks. In the mean time, feel free to peruse the archives. There’s plenty to keep you entertained ;) If you’d like to read… Read more »

The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Upon our return to Edinburgh for an overnight stay, we solved many of the mysteries from our first visit. We stayed in a small guest house located across a couple diplomatic residences (for when foreign dignitaries visit). Our first stop was Calton Hill, and its many monuments we had glimpsed from afar. By that time,… Read more »

The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

One of our most anticipated stops on our return trip to York was the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall. It is a medieval-style building originally constructed in 1357 and remains the largest timber-framed building still standing in the UK. Though still used by the Merchant Adventurers’ for meetings and social activities, it mostly serves as a museum… Read more »

Ye Olde York

Our first experience with York in England was a both lacklustre and whirlwind. We stopped briefly on our way to Edinburgh on a family road trip. We only had time to catch lunch and visit the Jorvik Viking Centre before we hit the road again. My husband and I both agreed we wanted to see… Read more »