DomerinThe Assassin’s Guild and their Dragon-Marked Master

I realize, despite previous promises, I haven’t introduced many of my worlds yet. Let’s fix that, shall we? I’ve written excerpts from several worlds drifting around in my head in the writing prompts section, and it might be nice to have a little context for them. I have rather generic names that I use to… Read more »

ElianThe Seeds of Chaos; a Tale of Envy

“Hello Kitty-Cat.” The way Crescent bristled, Elian could tell the greeting struck the desired nerve. It was easy to imagine the other man in his furred form, hair standing on end, tail swollen to express his aggression; especially when Crescent bared his teeth exactly the way a cat might. Pretending not to notice the effects… Read more »

DomerinA Sharp Cut

This scene is a direct continuation from both This is What I Dreaded and Midnight Air. . . . “A quick, sharp cut is all it should ever take to kill your target.” It was the first lesson given to every assassin, repeated from the time they were old enough to hold their first knife…. Read more »

DomerinThis is What I Dreaded (Part 2)

For this prompt, I set myself an extra challenge. For once, I wanted to write some genuine flash fiction. So I composed two 300 word stories (yes, both stories are exactly 300 words). You can read the first one here. The second one is posted below. . . . He stared at the tiny piece… Read more »

ElianMidnight Air

Ignoring the gut-clenching fatal drop spread beneath him, Elian planted his foot on the round edge of the skyscraper and leaned further over the abyss. Cool wind caressed his skin. He closed his eyes and let it wash over him. This high, the scents of sweat and garbage thinned, leaving only the iron tang of… Read more »

ElianShallow Breath

Elian woke to a tangle of blankets and a flurry of shallow breaths. He knew better than to panic; if there were danger present, he would only offer an opportunity to attack. So he forced himself to lay still, gritting his teeth while his heart pounded in his chest, in his throat, in his ears…. Read more »

DomerinDomerin; An Introduction

I’ve been writing about Domerin for awhile now. He’s one of my favourite characters, largely because he manifests with such strength. I think it’s time to give him a proper introduction. Who is Domerin Lorcasf? (This was made by the lovely and talented Beth Alvarez) Here he is! You may have noticed that Domerin dominates… Read more »

ElianNot Everything has to Mean Something

He had positioned himself in the one place in the tavern from which he could observe the door without standing out. Yet, a cursory scan of the room would make him instantly obvious to seeking eyes. The art of being simultaneously unobtrusive and obvious was a skill only mastered by assassins and prostitutes, but it… Read more »