DomerinThe Price of War; a Tale of Wrath

For all their complaints about having to run laps in full combat gear, Domerin’s soldiers never fully appreciated how bulky and awkward their combat armor really was until they were forced to wade through dense jungle undergrowth in it. The only things worse would have been loose sand or snow; both of which Domerin tried… Read more »

DomerinSpace and Dark Space

I’ve been posting writing prompts for a year now. A lot of them are interconnected in one way or another, so it may be time for a little site re-organization. It’s true I am telling stories in fragments, but it may be time to let them be stories. I have been steadily introducing the characters… Read more »

DomerinTheir Childhood

One of my strongest memories is the day I met my father. It happened not long after the death of my mother; a day I can’t forget no matter how hard I try. I thought the mystery of my father died with her, that he would always be a ghost, haunting the edge of my… Read more »

DomerinWhy Do You Keep Pretending?

The thrashing never woke him up anymore. He’d grown too used to it. That bothered him. In the past, he’d been able to apply a gentle prod or a soft murmur, even if he pretended to be asleep afterward. Now he didn’t wake until he heard the loud thump indicating Domerin had run into one… Read more »

DomerinCharacter Takes Care of Sick Friend

“No, really, you don’t have to stay.” Domerin didn’t have the energy to put his usual tone of command into the statement, but he hoped his tone would do the trick anyway. It didn’t. His daughter’s boyfriend still hovered over his bed, shifting from foot to foot, head hanging as though he’d just been caught… Read more »

DomerinDomerin; An Introduction

I’ve been writing about Domerin for awhile now. He’s one of my favourite characters, largely because he manifests with such strength. I think it’s time to give him a proper introduction. Who is Domerin Lorcasf? (This was made by the lovely and talented Beth Alvarez) Here he is! You may have noticed that Domerin dominates… Read more »

DomerinA Memory Related to Their Profession

“The pain will never subside. It isn’t going to get any easier.” Not exactly the glowing report he wanted to receive from the company physician. “The nerves are raw and they have to be active all the time in order to receive input across the bionic links. We could remove them…” But that would leave… Read more »