4 Annoying Story Tropes I Want to Kill

Our favorite pastimes are full of tropes and cliches. It’s inevitable. Stories fall into predicable patterns. Not all tropes are bad, but it takes skill to make them feel original. And since I’m a romantic sap at heart, there are plenty of tropes I’ll willingly follow. But there are a few that aren’t just eye-rolling,… Read more »

Blame the Internet

I’ve read a staggering number of articles lately about how technology is destroying the world. Studies show that people are ‘addicted’ to connectivity, unable to disconnect and walk away. Studies also show that children who grow up with this technological addiction have a harder time empathizing with their fellow human beings. Rather than hailing the… Read more »

The Power of Love

Growing up, we awakened at the fun-filled hour of five AM so that our mom could take us to day care in time to get to work. I don’t remember much from those haze-filled hours where I rolled out of bed and stumbled down the stairs after several attempts to roll over and go back… Read more »

Through the Wormhole

I’ve written a lot about my favourite sci-fi shows and the lessons they’ve taught me. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Stargate SG1. I loved all ten seasons of the show, and I’m still a bit sour over the way the Sci-fi channel dropped it just before they decided it was a good idea… Read more »

To Boldly Go

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Star Trek, in many of its incarnations, is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. One of my first blog posts detailed the inspiration and lessons I picked up from watching Doctor Who. When I stop to think about it, Star Trek has taught me so much more…. Read more »

Diamonds in the Rough

My husband and I don’t watch a lot of TV. We gave up on it when most networks turned to reality TV and cheesy cop dramas (but that’s a whole other blog post). When we do fall in love with a TV show, its box sets inevitably adorn our shelves so we can re-watch them… Read more »

An Impossible Vacation

Since we decided to come to England, my husband and I have been talking about travel. There’s a lot to see in England, after all, and it’s much cheaper to see the rest of Europe from here than it is to travel from Canada. All the talk of places and events we’d like to see… Read more »

Cartoons; Not Just For Kids

In the west we seem to believe cartoons belong solely to children. As soon as something’s animated, for one reason or another, we can no longer take it seriously. I don’t really understand the reasons; it’s far from a universal idea. I spent the past weekend re-affirming my love for anime, which only baffles me… Read more »

Under the Sun

The saying goes that there’s nothing new under the sun (and maybe there isn’t). That’s why a truly original idea is worth it’s weight in gold. Why everyone and their brother will hurry to snap it up and why everyone who discovers it will instantly try to duplicate it. As a writer, originality is something… Read more »

Be Who You Are

Sometimes while browsing the Internets, I come upon posts that make me sigh or roll my eyes, usually where people have over-examined a concept, movie or kid’s show to the point where I can’t take their conclusion seriously. And I preface this post in such a way because I fear I may be treading that… Read more »