Dreamers Do Lie

Dreamers Do Lie

Book one of the Dream Things True Duology.

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The dead don't usually get to save the world.

Arimand has just arrived in the outermost circle of Hell. A soldier of the eastern armies, he was damned for following orders. Now he competes with the rest of Hell's denizens for the resources to ease starvation, dehydration and exposure. Realizing there is safety in numbers, he secures a position with a clan called Vorilia. Every damned clan covets something, but Vorilia may possess Hell's most extraordinary secret.

Kaylie is a soul too pure - too vibrant - for Hell. Either the old gods made a mistake when they assigned her, or the devil has something up his sleeve. Arimand is so certain, he spurs a mad expedition to set Kaylie's soul free. Mad, because Hell's only exit lies in its inner circles. To reach it, the clan will have to sail a burning river, avoid an army of demons and cross an impassible wall.

If the damned clan succeeds, they may be doomed to far worse torment than they started with. But if they fail, everyone still living might share their wretched fate. The key lies in Kaylie's missing memories. To foil the devil's foul plot, she needs to remember how - and why - she came to Hell in the first place.

But the demon stalking their every step was sent by the King of Hell himself to keep Kaylie in his realm.

Discord in the city...
The stone monoliths loomed on either side of the narrow roadways, their bleak surfaces worn smooth by age and elements. Imposing faces peered from the glassless windows with violence in their eyes. Shadow-shrouded alleys cut between streets. Strange shapes moved through the darkness.

Finally, the road opened into a wide, square courtyard, dominated by an angry mob. On the far side, a man stood atop an overturned crate, calling orders above the din. Water skins passed through the doorway of a building behind him toward several pairs of waiting hands. Each exchange produced an argument, though somehow the yelling, cursing and shoving never devolved into outright combat. Someone always appeared to shoulder the customers back in line.

Iwora took the opportunity to attach herself to Arimand's arm. "Tell me, Warrior, how'd you come to be a part of this suicidal band?"

Before he had a chance to answer, silence descended over the square. The sun's meager light vanished. All eyes turned upward, seeking the massive shadow's source.

A red and black blur descended from the water distribution building. The ground shook as it landed, knocking several observers flat. Slowly, the demon rose onto its hind legs. It towered over the onlookers, three times the size of a man.

Its head resembled an odd cross between a goat and a horse. A pair of black horns sprouted from the top of its head, forming circles around its long ears before they terminated in wicked points. Large, intelligent eyes sat above the thick, fur-covered nose. A pair of curved fangs protruded from the mouth, dripping saliva.

Screams split the air. The city dwellers collided in their haste to flee, trampling those unfortunate enough to trip. Even some of their own group fled, diving into alleyways or through open doorways in their panic. Kaylie couldn't tear her gaze from the beast. Its fiery eyes cut across the chaos, locking with hers. There was something strikingly human about those eyes that made them unsuited to its monstrous face.

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