Dreamers Do Lie

Dreamers Do Lie

Book one of the Dream Things True Duology.

Arimand just arrived in Hell. A soldier damned for following orders, he wanders Hell's outermost circle, competing for limited resources to stave off eternal exposure and starvation. Realizing there is safety in numbers, he barters his knowledge of the war in the world above for a position with Clan Vorilia, a group of scavengers working together to ease the misery of their suffering.

Every damned clan covets something, but Vorilia conceals an extraordinary secret: an innocent soul. Though Kaylie can't remember her life or how she died, she believes she must be in Hell for a reason. Despite her insistence, Arimand risks his newly acquired position on a mad plan to help her escape.

Unfortunately, the path to Arimand's exit requires Kaylie and her companions to travel deeper into Hell. The burning river Phlegethon, the imposing City of Discord, and the Impassible Wall with its army of demons all stand in their way. No one knows for sure what lies beyond them, and Arimand has only an old war story to guide the way. Worst of all, a demon sent by the King of Hell himself stalks their every step.

To succeed, Kaylie needs to recover her lost memories and determine why she came to Hell in the first place. The price of failure may be worse than eternal torment.

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