The Celestial Serenade

The Celestial Serenade

A Space Opera

Gaia can't forget the day the dragon descended over her city, laying waste to everything she knew. Humanity flees in terror of the alien weapon, which no technology on Earth can damage. As the scattered remains of the world's population unite against the threat, Gaia finds herself at the center of the resistance.

Born from the remnants of a lost civilization, she alone can access the ancient technology which may prove to be humanity's salvation. But the necessary array is buried beneath the rubble of the dragon's first attack, and the path to its recovery is bound to draw the dragon's attention.

Meanwhile, Alrayia dreams of the end of her world. While everyone celebrates the long awaited homecoming of Kantis, the Caltaran Empire's greatest warrior, Alrayia convinces her husband, a member of the High Council, to build spaceships that might keep her nightmares from becoming reality.

She alone sees the Caltaran Empire teetering on a knife's edge in the endless war against their bitter rivals, the Ruvalli. For if the Ruvalli should gain an advantage - or if Kantis should fall - Alrayia's world could unravel. In her dreams, the final blow is delivered by a mechanical dragon of immense strength.

Can these two fierce women reach across time and space to save both their civilizations?

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~Kindle | Paperback~             ~Kindle | Paperback~             ~Kindle | Paperback~    

~Kindle | Paperback~             ~Kindle | Paperback~      

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Forthcoming Installments

Current Status: Final Polish
Approximate Length: 259,000
Scheduled for release in 2023!

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