ZitaNever the Time; A Tale of Sloth

Continuing with my seven deadly sins series, here’s round two of Sloth featuring Zita. . . . Every Imatria library existed in a state of organized chaos. Some of the shelves were full of neatly ordered books, arranged according to an alphabet or dates or locations. Other shelves contained stacks of paper, rolled scrolls and… Read more »

ZitaGetting Inside a Character’s Head Revisited – Answers with Zita

Way in the long ago I did this exercise with Domerin and Catilen. Since I’ve introduced a few more characters since then, I thought it would be fun to revisit. This time we’ll take a closer look at Zita/StarStriker. Where does your character live? Go with them through the door and tour every room of… Read more »

ZitaHow They Relate to Their Race Revisited

There was something visceral about writing with pen and paper. It might have been the elegant swoop of her hand as she formed each letter. It might have been the satisfying scratch of the pen as it deposited its ink. But it might have had a lot to do with the warm, comfortable armchair and… Read more »

ZitaIntroducing Zita, an Old Fanfic Character

Confession time! I may have mentioned this before, but the first stories I ever wrote were Sailor Moon fanfiction. I’m not even ashamed, because Sailor Moon is awesome. Fanfiction is great because it gives you a chance to learn the writing ropes without having to build the foundation yourself. Certain series lend themselves extremely well… Read more »

ZitaThis Will Be the Last Time

Dearest Little Star, This will be the last letter I have chance to write before we reach Abregia’s court. If we cannot talk some sense into him, I fear this war will be lost. The Kar’Shi are more relentless than we imagined. If they had spoken with such silver tongues before the council, we may… Read more »

ZitaWhat She Found Under the Snow

Zita tied her green hair at the nape of her neck before she leaned over the sewing machine. With practiced fingers she adjusted the needle before pressing her foot to the pedal. Only for a moment, she wasn’t going far. Tiny stitches closed a tiny hole, her patient unaware anything had ever been amiss. The… Read more »