Four Reasons I Don’t Want to Go Home

I’ve talked before about my immigration to Canada. The question I get most often, especially when visiting friends and family, is; “Do you plan to come back?” In many ways, this topic is a loaded one. I appreciate that people miss me and want to see me more often. It would be nice to live… Read more »

People Buy Houses for Weird Reasons

On Christmas vacation we watched a lot of HGTV. My mother-in-law is particularly fond of shows like House Hunters, where couples are presented with three houses that suit their purchasing desires and choose which they want to buy. Presumably they look at more houses off camera, but that’s the scope of the show. Personally, I… Read more »

The Soup of Life

Sometimes deep thoughts pop into my head while I’m cleaning the house. Cleaning day just so happens to coincide with blogging day; how convenient. During Yule, a friend of mine started a new tradition. For each day of the holiday, he would keep a stew boiling. He invited friends and family to visit, partake of… Read more »

The Liebster Award

(Better late than never?) I was nominated by the fabulous A.R. Rivera. Unfortunately my blog has been on autopilot while I prepared for the Crossroads of Frozen Eternity release. But no matter. I’m here now and ready to go. *cracks knuckles* Step 1: Post 11 random facts about yourself 1. My husband and I had… Read more »

Stuff and Things

I’ve written at length about the amazing adventure my husband and I embarked upon a year and a half ago when he accepted a job in the UK. I don’t think either of us believed it would actually happen when he received the email invitation. But it did and, amazing as it was, I’d be… Read more »

Keep it Lighthearted

As many are aware, my husband and I spent two months moving from England to British Columbia. We got word of his new job just one month before he was due to start, so there were a lot of things to do in a hurry. We started with some last minute site-seeing in England before… Read more »

Moving Day!

I know it hasn’t been long since the month of hiatuses (and believe me, I feel really bad about the sheer number of them), but it’s time again for me to poof. We’re finally moving in to our new house. After more than a year, we get to have all our stuff back. Moving house… Read more »

A Life Resumed

A year ago we packed our life into storage and flew across the ocean for an amazing adventure. It wasn’t easy, selling our first house on short notice, leaving behind everything we spent a decade building, but we did it because we’ve always believed in following our dreams. I never imagined marrying a teacher would… Read more »

Going Overboard

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned our obsession with stuff? I’d like to believe it grows out of good intentions. The fact is, when you buy something big and expensive, you want to show it off. You’re proud that you were able to acquire this big, expensive thing, and you want people to… Read more »

Excess Baggage

When my husband got invited to work in England for a year, we packed our bags, sold our house and crossed the ocean. It wasn’t half as simple as it sounds, but we got there in the end. The first part of the process ended up more difficult than much of what came later. It’s… Read more »