For a Small Fee; A Tale of Greed

Way in the long ago, when D&D 4th edition came out, my husband and I decided to test it out with a short one-shot. We recruited my brother-in-law and a friend of his and set up a small group. I decided to try something outside my norm and created a Paladin. According to the rule… Read more »

Six Silly Dragon Stories (from My Real Life)

I used to collect dragons. I started in high school when my grandmother purchases me a hand-blown glass dragon as a birthday gift. For awhile, everywhere I went, I came home with a new dragon. Unfortunately, any type of figure collecting is expensive, and my husband and I agree we’ve run out of places to… Read more »

Not Everyone Likes the Same Things You Do

I just finished watching the new season of BBC’s Sherlock with my husband. This was a show we loved when it premiered. I was so excited about the fourth season, I made my husband re-watch the entire show with me so we would have all the details fresh in our minds. It’s a good thing… Read more »

4 Recurring Dreams and How to Interpret Them

Last night, I had one of those epic dream sequences that continued every time I woke up and fell back asleep. These dream journeys have provided me with several novel plots, so I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, last night’s dream didn’t take me to any awesome fantasy lands and it didn’t involve new or interesting characters…. Read more »

Chrono Trigger; a Perfect Guide to Foreshadowing

Last year, a group of my favorite youtubers hosted a twenty-seven hour stream of Chrono Trigger to celebrate the game’s twentieth anniversary. Since it’s my husband’s favorite game, we both camped out as long as we could. Alas, we both needed to sleep at some point. Though my husband knows Chrono Trigger better than the… Read more »

Rejecting the ‘He Hurts Me Out of Love’ Trope

I’ve been spending my free time playing Amnesia; Memories. It’s an otome dating sim, which means it’s designed for women. All the potential prospects are male. What I like about the game is that each route is its own little romantic mystery. Instead of parading a group of prospects in front of you, the person… Read more »

Treasure of the B.C. Coast

While we were in Vancouver to experience the Greenheart Tree Walk and the Museum of Anthropology, we decided to visit the aquarium. Because, as I mentioned before, I’m always up for a trip to an aquarium. Since it hasn’t been that long since we visited Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, it’s difficult not to compare the… Read more »

Star Trek Beyond; a (Mostly) Spoiler Free Review

For a while now, I’ve wanted to write my thoughts about the latest Star Trek movie (and the new franchise as a whole). I hope by the time this goes up most people who really want to see it will have. I intend to avoid spoilers (aside from some details about the ‘scene’ involving Sulu… Read more »

Under the Sea

I have a thing for jellyfish. I keep Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live jellyfish cam bookmarked for stress relief. I could probably watch jellyfish float all day and be content. (Did someone say jellyfish?) But jellyfish aren’t my only underwater loves. Aquariums are one of my favorite places to visit and I haven’t been to one… Read more »

How to Make Imaginary Things Work

We have to learn how things work in order to write about them. But what if we’re trying to write about imaginary things – like magic – or things that haven’t been invented yet? I like to use the same approach for both scenarios; ask all the relevant questions and fill in the blanks. For… Read more »