Chrono Trigger; a Perfect Guide to Foreshadowing

Last year, a group of my favorite youtubers hosted a twenty-seven hour stream of Chrono Trigger to celebrate the game’s twentieth anniversary. Since it’s my husband’s favorite game, we both camped out as long as we could. Alas, we both needed to sleep at some point. Though my husband knows Chrono Trigger better than the… Read more »

Rejecting the ‘He Hurts Me Out of Love’ Trope

I’ve been spending my free time playing Amnesia; Memories. It’s an otome dating sim, which means it’s designed for women. All the potential prospects are male. What I like about the game is that each route is its own little romantic mystery. Instead of parading a group of prospects in front of you, the person… Read more »

What Gamers Want is a Rewarding Experience

I sometimes play an MMO (I won’t say which one, but it isn’t WoW). Lately, I’ve lost my love for it. I stopped playing for several months and have only recently restarted, though I know it’s only going to break my heart again. There are a lot of things I love about this game; the… Read more »

Blame the Internet

I’ve read a staggering number of articles lately about how technology is destroying the world. Studies show that people are ‘addicted’ to connectivity, unable to disconnect and walk away. Studies also show that children who grow up with this technological addiction have a harder time empathizing with their fellow human beings. Rather than hailing the… Read more »

Both Geek and Girl

These days, women have to fight to defend their position in the ‘geek sphere.’ Women are either quizzed or ridiculed the moment they express an interest in something. Women are accused of being ‘fake geeks'(for what reason I can’t imagine). And there are endless discussions on the portrayal of female characters in movies, games and… Read more »

How Do You Like to Game?

For a long time, I’ve wanted to write about my favourite video games. The problem is, they change so rapidly, the post would likely be out of date by the time it went up. (For those that don’t know, I write my blogs about a month in advance.) But today I had a brilliant idea… Read more »

Back in the Day

I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of the Internet. How amazing is it that we can connect instantly with someone living on another continent and speak face to face? When I was a kid, our only connection with people overseas came in the form of pen pal letters our teachers forced… Read more »

5 Myths About Video Games

I think I’ve well established the fact that I’m a gamer. I like experiencing stories, whether it be puzzling it out through a point-and-click or making the tough choices thrown my way in an RPG. Despite the growing popularity of the gaming industry, people still cling to certain myths surrounding the media. 1. Violent Video… Read more »

Under the Sun

The saying goes that there’s nothing new under the sun (and maybe there isn’t). That’s why a truly original idea is worth it’s weight in gold. Why everyone and their brother will hurry to snap it up and why everyone who discovers it will instantly try to duplicate it. As a writer, originality is something… Read more »

Try Again Later

The May 2012 launch of the long awaited Diablo sequel introduced video game fans to the insidious Error 37, which looks to become a staple of the industry. For those unfamiliar with Error 37, I’ll back up. When Blizzard introduced the sequel to their popular Diablo franchise some dozen years after the release of the… Read more »