ReiannaThe Key to Destiny

One character I haven’t talked about much is Reianna. You may have noticed a lot of my characters interact in various settings, but Reianna is always off on her own. Her story is isolated from most of my multiverse. I don’t think she’ll ever cross into any of my other worlds, and I’m not sure… Read more »

ReiannaBlood of the Chosen; A Tale of Wrath

To an outside observer, the altar looked like nothing more than charred remains peeking from the ruins of some long forgotten temple. It was only when Reianna entered the timestream that she could see the walls gleaming almost iridescent with tiny pinpricks of glittering gold shining in the light. Blue-green torches flared on either side… Read more »

ReiannaImages Are Blurred

Please check the bottom of this post for an exciting announcement! . . . “You can put a stop to this.” She could barely hear the words over the pounding in her ears. Her own personal drum, beating the rhythm of her doom. While the respite lasted she could do nothing but gulp great gasps… Read more »

ReiannaThat’s Gonna Leave a Mark

The trick to leaving your mark is to start early, her father’s words rang in her ears as she stood just outside the testing chamber. Start the moment you walk through the first door. Grab their attention. She didn’t know how she was going to manage that. Her father’s method had most likely involved vast… Read more »

ReiannaHow They Relate to Their Race

He had climbed to the top of the highest mountain to kneel at her feet. It had not been an easy journey. She had made it difficult. From the moment she felt him seeking her location, she had resigned him to misery if he wished to see the task completed. She could have traveled instantly,… Read more »