PhagePhage and the Guardian at the Gates

I’ve done a pretty good job introducing the characters who inhabit the settings I write about most often. But I seem to have overlooked one of the main characters in my Modern Fantasy setting. I’ve talked about Domerin, Rose and Silkfoot, even Cazella. But I somehow neglected to mention Lilianna; aka Phage or, as she’s… Read more »

PhageMinimum Safety Threshold; a Tale of Sloth

While browsing the list of interesting prompts I have saved, I came across the seven deadly sins. I instantly started wondering which of my characters would fit each sin. That later evolved into wondering which critical sin each of my major characters would suffer. I decided to write a series exploring that very topic (there… Read more »

DomerinA Modern Fantasy Setting

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a fantasy world that made it to modern times. Not quite the same as urban fantasy, which tends to be our world with magical elements tossed in. More like a high fantasy world whose ancient empires never fell. A world where it makes sense for a warrior… Read more »

PhageEverybody Knows

“Hello World?” Xavior sneered. “Can’t I write something else? Something more interesting?” Lilianna drew a deep breath and released one of her long-suffering sighs that indicated silently how difficult her only friend made her life. “No! Every programmer writes the same first program in every language. It’s a tradition! What was the first thing you… Read more »

PhageDon’t Change for Anyone

It was silent in Phage’s private world. Information swirled in brilliant, neon colors as it zoomed along the path from one destination to another, but made no sound as she passed among it. In many ways, despite being surrounded by the world’s collective knowledge and activities, it was lonely there as well. Somewhere back in… Read more »

PhageAfter the Door Shuts and the Footsteps Die

After the door shut and the footsteps died, Lilianna McDougal slid the adapter into the plug at the base of her skull. But she didn’t activate it yet. Instead she held her breath, counting the seconds, ears straining for any sign of movement outside. The shadow-shrouded room could have belonged to any typical teenager. The… Read more »

PhageShe Woke to Birdsong

When she woke to birdsong, she knew it was going to be a horrible day. For one, it was far too early to be awake. She guessed the sun had only just risen and she hadn’t been allowed to sleep until well into the night. Secondly, the paper-thin walls of her so-called tent had barely… Read more »

PhageWe have Something in Common

Despite the incessant ding of the open elevator doors indicating he had reached his destination, Domerin Lorcasf lingered in the small metallic chamber with his arms crossed over his chest. “Good morning, Argus,” he called to the empty air. “How are you?” “Greetings, Commander Lorcasf,” the monotone voice sounded all around him. Somehow, it always… Read more »