The Empire of Eternity

The Empire of Eternity

Book Eight of the Eternity’s Empire Series

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback

Their love was forbidden.
So they fought the universe to be together.

The moment of truth has finally arrived. Only one last obstacle blocks Aeternitas and Gaea’s eternal happiness. Unfortunately, that obstacle is the empress Aion, Aeternitas’s mother, goddess-like in power and unrelenting in her cruel desire to devour the Earth queen’s soul.

Their guardians are scattered to the four winds, attempting to stifle other threats. While Nuit hopes to overcome her old rival Ra and at last reunite her sundered family, the clans of Yggdrasil chase the shade of Odin One Eye and the forbidden magic he hopes to unleash.

But it is the rebel fleet which faces the most dire threat, attempting to distract the last of the imperial daughters so they cannot prevent Aeternitas’s attempted coup.

A single wrong move could spell disaster. And Aeternitas has only a thin alliance with her oldest sister to carry her through the final leg of the journey. But if she succeeds, everything she has ever dreamed of can be hers.

The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. Aion won’t hesitate to destroy everything her opponents hold dear – unless Aeternitas and her guardians can once again muster the strength to overcome impossible odds…