The War for Freedom

The War for Freedom

Book Seven of the Eternity’s Empire Series

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback

The war has begun.
Only death can halt the relentless assault.

Since the empress publicly branded her a traitor, Aeternitas’s time has been short. She has gathered and fortified her allies to the best of her ability. But are they strong enough to match the might of the empire?

Between the clever wit of Loki’s pirate band and the tested tactics of their rebel allies, Aeternitas and her guardians might just stand a chance. They cannot afford to relax, however, as four powerful obstacles still stand in their path – Aeternitas’s imperial sisters.

Achlys is a bloodthirsty war machine. Ashima is a volatile factor no one can quantify. And Ananke has sworn revenge for the disgrace of her recent defeat at Aeternitas’s hands. A revenge she intends to pursue relentlessly, without thought for what it might cost her.

But most terrifying of all is Anumati, Aeternitas’s enigmatic oldest sister. Between her skill and her experience, Anumati is powerful enough to rival the empress.

Faced with a growing list of enemies, Aeternitas must split her forces between each of the looming threats – while her sisters are free to throw all of their resources into their individual desires. Yet she must find a way to overcome the other imperial daughters’ might, or her rebellion will be crushed long before it can attempt to accomplish its goal…