PhagePhage and the Guardian at the Gates

I’ve done a pretty good job introducing the characters who inhabit the settings I write about most often. But I seem to have overlooked one of the main characters in my Modern Fantasy setting. I’ve talked about Domerin, Rose and Silkfoot, even Cazella. But I somehow neglected to mention Lilianna; aka Phage or, as she’s… Read more »

RoseA Reverse Fairy Tale

Over on Tumblr I participate in the #writeblr community. Some have started posting spontaneous prompts and so far I’ve really enjoyed answering them. So much so that I wanted to share my responses here. These are written off the cuff, without any planning. Today’s prompt was a reverse fairy tale. . . . Rose had… Read more »

RoseSeventy Percent Success Rate; a Tale of Pride

“I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.” “Oh?” The queen arched an eyebrow, peering across the short table at the head of her personal guard. Even at a private, informal meeting he was an imposing man. His dark eyes were full of storm clouds as his lips pressed into a thin line. A stray lock of black… Read more »

SilkfootThe Ultimate Key; a Tale of Greed

Of all the queen’s treasures, it was to the simple silver key she wore around her neck that Silkfoot’s eyes were continuously drawn. It was too plain to have been intended as a decoration, too ordinary to suit the fantastic nature of the woman who wore it. But he dared not ask about the adornment,… Read more »

Inside the Mind of Pirate

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. Awhile back I talked about questions that will better help you connect with your characters. I then answered those questions with several of my characters (Domerin, Catilen, and Zita). I always meant to do more of these and I thought it might be fun to get… Read more »

DomerinA Modern Fantasy Setting

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a fantasy world that made it to modern times. Not quite the same as urban fantasy, which tends to be our world with magical elements tossed in. More like a high fantasy world whose ancient empires never fell. A world where it makes sense for a warrior… Read more »

This is What I Dreaded (Part 1)

For this prompt, I set myself an extra challenge. For once, I wanted to write some genuine flash fiction. So I composed two 300 word stories (yes, both stories are exactly 300 words), the first of which is posted below. . . . “This is exactly what I dreaded.” Valerian clicked his tongue, sighed and… Read more »

SilkfootA Year in Review

This prompt marks one year of weekly story-telling. As such, my writing partner and I agreed that we should do something a little special. The ‘prompt’ therefore came to include as many references to past prompts as possible in the scene. We both had very different approaches and agreed it was a fun exercise. I… Read more »

CazellaThe Many Forms and Faces of Cazella

Since I started posting the writing prompts I’ve been doing for fun and practice, I’ve tried to introduce all the main characters who appear in them. So far we’ve talked about Domerin, Rose and Zita, three of my oldest and most prominent characters. Another character that crops up quite often is Cazella (in fact she… Read more »


A sea of tall grass swayed in the stiff breeze. Colored blossoms bobbed and danced between the stalks, bright splotches of color like dots of paint still wet from the artists’ brush. Sunlight filled a sky empty of clouds and bluer than she’d ever seen. On the corner of her vision, Domerin Lorcasf stooped to… Read more »