My Contrary Love Affair with Action Movies

Action movies are a dime a dozen; Hollywood pumps them out at an astonishing rate. Of all the movie genres, I find action movies to be the most formulaic. They often feature the same faces and rely on about a dozen or so plots, constantly redressed. The more explosions and gun fights you can pack… Read more »

Star Trek Beyond; a (Mostly) Spoiler Free Review

For a while now, I’ve wanted to write my thoughts about the latest Star Trek movie (and the new franchise as a whole). I hope by the time this goes up most people who really want to see it will have. I intend to avoid spoilers (aside from some details about the ‘scene’ involving Sulu… Read more »

4 Annoying Story Tropes I Want to Kill

Our favorite pastimes are full of tropes and cliches. It’s inevitable. Stories fall into predicable patterns. Not all tropes are bad, but it takes skill to make them feel original. And since I’m a romantic sap at heart, there are plenty of tropes I’ll willingly follow. But there are a few that aren’t just eye-rolling,… Read more »

Why We Need a Higher Bar

Most advice for new writers includes references to the Bechdel test. Even veteran writers suggest new writers be familiar with and make certain their work passes the test. It isn’t bad advice, but I’m not sure it’s good advice either. The Bechdel test states simply that a story (no matter the media) should possess at… Read more »

Shiny and Chrome

I’ve made my feelings about Mad Max; Fury Road loud and clear; I love it. I would put it on endless repeat, if I could. We went to see it twice, which is something my husband and I rarely do. But we loved the original Mad Max, and we loved Road Warrior even more (you… Read more »

Guilty Pleasures

I usually don’t like the term ‘guilty pleasures.’ I think if you enjoy something, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Yet I feel a hint of shame whenever I think of the items on this list. These movies are so bad. Every time I hear someone mention hating one of them, I bow my head and quietly… Read more »

Missed Opportunities

Book blurbs and movie trailers serve the same purpose; to hook the audience. They give you a little taste of what you can expect, just enough to reel you in, then they leave you hanging. Writing a good book blurb or cutting a good trailer are another blog post. For the longest time, it seemed… Read more »

To Boldly Go

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Star Trek, in many of its incarnations, is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. One of my first blog posts detailed the inspiration and lessons I picked up from watching Doctor Who. When I stop to think about it, Star Trek has taught me so much more…. Read more »

Diamonds in the Rough

My husband and I don’t watch a lot of TV. We gave up on it when most networks turned to reality TV and cheesy cop dramas (but that’s a whole other blog post). When we do fall in love with a TV show, its box sets inevitably adorn our shelves so we can re-watch them… Read more »

Cartoons; Not Just For Kids

In the west we seem to believe cartoons belong solely to children. As soon as something’s animated, for one reason or another, we can no longer take it seriously. I don’t really understand the reasons; it’s far from a universal idea. I spent the past weekend re-affirming my love for anime, which only baffles me… Read more »