Why I Hate the Five Star Rating System

Awhile back, my friend Beth wrote about her frustrations with the five star rating system used by most sites, including Amazon and Goodreads. Even if you use half stars, cramming your opinion into such a small numerical scale is tricky. First of all, where do you draw the line between a three and a four?… Read more »

The Shadow Creature’s Mark; A Tale of Pride

Here’s another character that I haven’t written about on the blog before, but one I’d love to start using again. It’s also the next installment in my second round of the Seven Deadly Sins series – Pride. . . . Trails of sparks shot from the firebird’s tail as she glided through the air, a… Read more »

DomerinMourning the Monster

This is an older scene (you can probably tell by how rough it is), another one I found while poking around on my hard drive. I wrote this for a now defunct super hero-esque role playing forum my husband used to run. There was a long run up of events before this scene, but the… Read more »

ReiannaThe Key to Destiny

One character I haven’t talked about much is Reianna. You may have noticed a lot of my characters interact in various settings, but Reianna is always off on her own. Her story is isolated from most of my multiverse. I don’t think she’ll ever cross into any of my other worlds, and I’m not sure… Read more »

For a Small Fee; A Tale of Greed

Way in the long ago, when D&D 4th edition came out, my husband and I decided to test it out with a short one-shot. We recruited my brother-in-law and a friend of his and set up a small group. I decided to try something outside my norm and created a Paladin. According to the rule… Read more »

My Contrary Love Affair with Action Movies

Action movies are a dime a dozen; Hollywood pumps them out at an astonishing rate. Of all the movie genres, I find action movies to be the most formulaic. They often feature the same faces and rely on about a dozen or so plots, constantly redressed. The more explosions and gun fights you can pack… Read more »

CazellaThe Blue Rose

This is an old piece that I found while digging around on my hard drive (so it may be a bit rougher than usual). Several years ago (probably close to a decade now), my husband and I were coming home from dinner out on Valentine’s Day and we encountered a flower seller in the subway… Read more »

DomerinVery Few Are Left (Revisited)

A while back I decided to re-do a prompt with the same character in the same universe, but at a different part of their life. As usual, Domerin had a lot to offer. But I thought his idea was rather cheaty – since it actually involved a different version of himself (even if he does… Read more »

Introducing Operation Child Soldier

One of my favorite things about being an Indie author is getting to meet and help out fellow Indies. So I’m very pleased today to be able to host Jaci Wheeler as she unveils her novel Operation Child Soldier! Purchase Links: Amazon | Signed Paperback . Book Blurb: I was trained from birth to be… Read more »

Icebound Isle

I returned to my first world, dismayed to find it dying. Everything I built remained; the high tower, the markers, the secret place. Winter claimed the rest. Rolling green hills shrouded in snow. Warm, sandy beaches became mud traps. Withered trees shuddered in violent winds, shriveled branches reaching for the sky with no leaves to… Read more »