Not Everyone Likes the Same Things You Do

I just finished watching the new season of BBC’s Sherlock with my husband. This was a show we loved when it premiered. I was so excited about the fourth season, I made my husband re-watch the entire show with me so we would have all the details fresh in our minds. It’s a good thing… Read more »

What Does Success Actually Mean to You?

(This is my actual desk – where all the magic happens!) Three years ago, I pressed publish for the first time, releasing Island of Lost Forevers into the wild. I was alone in my living room in England at the time. I was nervous, excited and maybe a bit sick to my stomach. Sometimes I’m… Read more »

On Social Media and Media Bias Filters

Way back in the long ago, what feels like forever now, I wrote a post about whose responsibility it is to protect our privacy on social media. While Facebook does have the ability to prevent us from posting our credit card information, that doesn’t excuse us from acting intelligently and responsibly. Fast forward to the… Read more »

Why Creatives Deserve to be Paid Fairly

Glance around what you can see of your house. Now close your eyes. Imagine the same walls, but dull, drab and unbroken by decoration. Imagine your bookshelves empty aside from important documents. Imagine your furniture is practical but uninteresting and uninspiring. Any little figures or statues you might collect have vanished and your dishes and… Read more »

How to Escape the Limits of Your Routine

Every writer has felt the tug of new ideas. They crop up in the middle of another project, demanding your attention. Feverishly, you increase your pace, hoping to reward yourself with more work at the end of your regular work. A chance to let the plot bunnies nibble and clear your head for tomorrow’s work…. Read more »

Don’t Forget Time to Recharge Your Energy

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten halfway through a sandwich, bowl of soup or cup of coffee before I realized I’ve barely tasted it. I always slow down and try to savor those last few bites or sips. But it’s too late. I’ve already missed enjoying the full experience. We live in… Read more »

Don’t Despair When You Run Out of Shelf Space

It’s every booklover’s nightmare. You’ve just filled up the last book-shaped space on your bookshelves. You know you have plenty of books to read, probably enough to last you for years. But next month a great new title is coming out and you’ve been waiting forever to read it. All your book-loving friends are going… Read more »

Better Advice: Write What You Don’t Know

I’ve touched on bad or, at least, incomplete writing advice. There was my editing revelation about slaying your darlings and my mini-rant about using the Becthdel Test as a benchmark when it should be the barest of minimums. Lately, a new piece of writing advice has come under fire and I’m keen to hop on… Read more »

Support; the Secret to a Writer’s Survival

Sometimes, writing feels like the worst, most thankless task in the world. It never fails; on the heels of my greatest high – finishing my first trilogy – follows the rollercoaster plunge toward my greatest low. Why did I bother to spend the last five years on this project? Who is going to read it?… Read more »

Why We Need a Higher Bar

Most advice for new writers includes references to the Bechdel test. Even veteran writers suggest new writers be familiar with and make certain their work passes the test. It isn’t bad advice, but I’m not sure it’s good advice either. The Bechdel test states simply that a story (no matter the media) should possess at… Read more »