Secrets of the Past

Secrets of the Past

Book Three of the Eternity’s Empire Series

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback

Earth’s future is in peril.
The key to saving it lies in the empire’s past.

Erica and Shima have resumed their original forms – that of Aeternitas, imperial daughter, and Gaea, queen of the Earth.

Aeternitas has also vowed to protect both the Earth and her beloved queen from the threat of war. But with an imperial battle fleet incoming, and no way to contact her mother, she has no idea how to fulfill her oath.

She suspects one of her sisters must be leading the fleet. But in order to prepare for the incursion, she must determine which one.

Amaterasu suggests the answer to her conundrum might lie in her guardians’ recent past. One by one, they recount the tales of their entry into the empire, in hopes one will hold the key to solving their mystery.

These are tales of heartbreak and sorrow, none of them easy to speak. But Aeternitas and Gaea will have to work quickly if they want time to prepare for the coming battle.

Fans of Sailor Moon and Stargate will enjoy this clever mythological mashup. Grab your copy today!

This book contains chapters 11-15 of the Eternity’s Empire saga previously published separately:



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