The Bond Between Sisters

The Bond Between Sisters

Book Four of the Eternity’s Empire Series

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback

There’s only one way to beat a trickster.
Recruit one.

Aeternitas and Gaea are racing the clock, trying to reach the empress before Ananke, Aeternitas’s bloodthirsty sister, reaches Earth.

All they have to do is find a pirate captain. Break onto an imperial battle cruiser. Defeat a more powerful enemy. Hijack Ananke’s flagship. And navigate the imperial capital.

But before they do any of that, they need to make contact with Thora’s wayward sister, Loki.

Loki has a reputation both inside the empire and beyond. She’s clever, but she’s also known for causing trouble. She does seem willing to help, but it’s possible – probable even – she has her own agenda.

Can Aeternitas and Gaea navigate the web of opposition in time to save the Earth? Or are they about to add another entry to their list of enemies?

Fans of Sailor Moon and Stargate will enjoy this clever mythological mashup. Grab your copy today!

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