Liquid Productivity; A Tale of Lust

Continuing with my seven deadly sins series, here’s round two of Lust featuring Veronika (who is new to this blog). . . . Secret organizations, especially those located in underground bunkers, didn’t tend to afford their staff a lot of free time. This particular underground office was luxurious enough that Veronika could almost forget she… Read more »

ZitaNever the Time; A Tale of Sloth

Continuing with my seven deadly sins series, here’s round two of Sloth featuring Zita. . . . Every Imatria library existed in a state of organized chaos. Some of the shelves were full of neatly ordered books, arranged according to an alphabet or dates or locations. Other shelves contained stacks of paper, rolled scrolls and… Read more »

CazellaThe Sweetness of Eden; A Tale of Lust

No connections. That was Cazella’s rule. Favorites were fine; they kept her entertained and kept her paid. A win-win scenario. But connections could get people killed. She danced her corners like they were stages, the street lights her spotlight, the passing cars the roar of the crowd. And she took appointments at the Madame’s request…. Read more »

RoseSeventy Percent Success Rate; a Tale of Pride

“I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.” “Oh?” The queen arched an eyebrow, peering across the short table at the head of her personal guard. Even at a private, informal meeting he was an imposing man. His dark eyes were full of storm clouds as his lips pressed into a thin line. A stray lock of black… Read more »

SilkfootThe Ultimate Key; a Tale of Greed

Of all the queen’s treasures, it was to the simple silver key she wore around her neck that Silkfoot’s eyes were continuously drawn. It was too plain to have been intended as a decoration, too ordinary to suit the fantastic nature of the woman who wore it. But he dared not ask about the adornment,… Read more »

DomerinThe Price of War; a Tale of Wrath

For all their complaints about having to run laps in full combat gear, Domerin’s soldiers never fully appreciated how bulky and awkward their combat armor really was until they were forced to wade through dense jungle undergrowth in it. The only things worse would have been loose sand or snow; both of which Domerin tried… Read more »

ElianThe Seeds of Chaos; a Tale of Envy

“Hello Kitty-Cat.” The way Crescent bristled, Elian could tell the greeting struck the desired nerve. It was easy to imagine the other man in his furred form, hair standing on end, tail swollen to express his aggression; especially when Crescent bared his teeth exactly the way a cat might. Pretending not to notice the effects… Read more »

The One Who’s Damned; a Tale of Gluttony

Here’s the second installment of the seven deadly sins character series. Up next is Endryn, whom I’ve only ever written about once before. This story takes place significantly earlier in his timeline. . . . The voices whispered in his head every day from dawn till dusk. Then they screamed. He spent his nights huddled… Read more »

PhageMinimum Safety Threshold; a Tale of Sloth

While browsing the list of interesting prompts I have saved, I came across the seven deadly sins. I instantly started wondering which of my characters would fit each sin. That later evolved into wondering which critical sin each of my major characters would suffer. I decided to write a series exploring that very topic (there… Read more »