What Does Success Actually Mean to You?

(This is my actual desk – where all the magic happens!) Three years ago, I pressed publish for the first time, releasing Island of Lost Forevers into the wild. I was alone in my living room in England at the time. I was nervous, excited and maybe a bit sick to my stomach. Sometimes I’m… Read more »

4 Recurring Dreams and How to Interpret Them

Last night, I had one of those epic dream sequences that continued every time I woke up and fell back asleep. These dream journeys have provided me with several novel plots, so I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, last night’s dream didn’t take me to any awesome fantasy lands and it didn’t involve new or interesting characters…. Read more »

The Dirty Truth About Marriage

On October eighth, my little brother married his girlfriend of eight years. My husband and I flew across the country to attend. It was the first time I had been home to see my family in four years. The last time, I still lived in Quebec, quite a bit closer than where I live now…. Read more »


I’m waiting for a phone call. I hate this kind of waiting. It ties my insides into knots. I fidget and try not to focus on the subject I’m waiting to speak about, but it invades every aspect of my consciousness. Butterflies fill my stomach and my heart pounds in my chest. I tell myself… Read more »

How to Escape the Limits of Your Routine

Every writer has felt the tug of new ideas. They crop up in the middle of another project, demanding your attention. Feverishly, you increase your pace, hoping to reward yourself with more work at the end of your regular work. A chance to let the plot bunnies nibble and clear your head for tomorrow’s work…. Read more »

Don’t Forget Time to Recharge Your Energy

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten halfway through a sandwich, bowl of soup or cup of coffee before I realized I’ve barely tasted it. I always slow down and try to savor those last few bites or sips. But it’s too late. I’ve already missed enjoying the full experience. We live in… Read more »

The Book of Souls – Iron Maiden World Tour

My husband (boyfriend at the time) introduced me to Iron Maiden my senior year in high school. They were a gateway band for me, opening my eyes to an entire world of heavy metal. Then, and now, I was astounded by every aspect of Iron Maiden’s music, from the three-dimensional feel to their instrumentals to… Read more »

A Fresh Page

Every writer both loves and loathes it; the blank page, the blinking cursor, that grand anticipation and terrible dread the moment before you start a brand new project. It’s how I think of the new year. A fresh page. A new project. A chance to leave behind anything that held me back. An opportunity to… Read more »

Letting Go

I often have strange, vivid dreams. I’ve long made practice of journaling my dreams, which encourages you to remember dreams more frequently. I have always used this to farm story ideas. Sometimes, my brain provides other nuggets of wisdom. I have a reoccurring dream that I get angry. I don’t mean normal, every day angry… Read more »

It’s All Connected

About a year ago I discovered Yoga. I had just suffered a month of major upheaval. It was though I forgot how to sleep. I would lay in bed until 5AM, then finally drift off for three our four hours. I wasn’t getting anywhere near enough sleep and I woke up way too late to… Read more »