Introducing Headstrong Heavy Metal – Book 9 of the Celestial Serenade!

Introducing Headstrong Heavy Metal – Book 9 of the Celestial Serenade!

For a writer, the end of a project is always a double edged blade. The joy of seeing something to its ultimate completion is often tempered by the sorrow of leaving behind the world and characters you’ve created.

There’s always a temptation to linger, to make the story longer so you can continue to hang out with all your beloved creations. I think this is why some stories go on a lot longer than they should.

I’m a big believer that every story should eventually end. I’ve always hoped I would be able to extract before I let my stories grow tired, repetitive and boring. But the question of where and when a story should ultimately end is often difficult to answer. So sometimes I wonder if I’ll be strong enough to pull away when a story continues to exert endless draw.

When I wrote the release announcement for Harmony, I spoke about how it was the first time I wrote an ending for the Celestial Serenade. That was all the story I originally developed for those characters and their universe. It was supposed to be goodbye.

Until I realized that surviving so long in the vast void of space would essentially require immortality. (Oops.)

I told myself to leave well enough alone. Often writers question things that never occur to readers to consider. And even if they had, it would have been perfectly reasonable to leave what happened after I wrote the end up to everyone imagination. You can’t tie every thread into a pretty bow, after all.

A Writer’s Doom

But the more I thought about the implications, the more I wondered what the future of not only that particular character but the world as a whole. And as soon as I started prodding the possibilities, I was doomed.

I decided to embrace the swirl of ideas that entered my mind. I penned a third trilogy for the Celestial Serenade.

Headstrong Heavy Metal is the last book in that extra installment. The second time I wrote a final and ultimate end for this series.

I still remember the exact moment an intense sense of satisfaction washed over me while I was editing this book. It’s the end for real this time, I told myself. The final book I will ever write involving these characters and this world.

It’s like a prophecy. As soon as the thought entered my mind, my doom was sealed.

But what about this other significant event, I thought as I wrapped my edits one day. I created it to bridge a significant gap between major events. A thing to which only vague references are ever uttered but which obviously left a deep impact on the world as a whole.

And what, I couldn’t help but wonder, happens to all the new characters in Soul of the Sun when the story ends? After all, the characters from the first half of the story got follow ups. Even if many of them happened post mortem. By the time I entertained these thoughts, the threads of a brand new story were dangling in front of me, waiting to be tugged.

I tell you in all honesty, I tried to resist. Twice I had penned endings for this story. And both times I was initially satisfied with where I would leave things.

Stories Have Their Own Ideas

But ideas are powerful. They get inside your head and insist on growing far beyond your initial expectations. I promised myself I would keep a few on tap for side stories. Then I resolved to put the Celestial Serenade forever upon a shelf. In an attempt to put the final nail in the coffin, I even argued I would never find another name that fit the pattern I used for the series. (Symphony of the Stars, Song of the Spheres and Soul of the Sun).

While chopping vegetables for my lunch, I reminded myself that there were simply no more matching terms from the space and musical spheres. None that could be used to create delightful alliteration. That’s when the final hammer fell.

Sonata of the Satellites has been sitting as a label in my One Note series journal for about 3 years now with a simple message in all caps that says “how dare you.”

So it’s entirely possible that this might be the second time I failed to write a final ending for this series despite giving it an epilogue. But it’s where I intended for the series to end and that has to count for something, right?

Sonata of the Satellites will have to wait, since I had already started writing the Aruvalia Chronicles when the idea crept into my brain and refused to leave me alone. I also have to make sure the events are truly worth expanding upon before I allow the series to continue. But if you were feeling sad about saying goodbye to all these lovely people… well, you might get to hold off on that at least a while longer.

Headstrong Heavy Metal is Available Now!

Two civilizations stare across a rift.
One legend can unite them.

The Caltaran council may have voted to abandon Earth in its hour of greatest need, but the legendary Kantis has decided to offer his assistance.

There is just one problem; Kantis is only one man – venerable warrior and veteran of three wars though he is. And he will be fighting an army he designed to stand in his stead. Earth stands ready to provide assistance in the form of ground troops. But they are outnumbered and outgunned – not to mention green as it is possible to be.

Still, Rynick has given everything to gain a favorable outcome. He will not give up without the fight of his life. He might be merely one pilot, but faith and determination have gotten him this far. He can only hope they will carry him through the bitter end – especially now that a legend flies at his side.

While Rynick and Kantis head toward a seemingly inevitable end, one Caltaran refuses to give up on an old alliance. Raschayia races home with news of an ancient enemy and a rabid hope to stir support for her grandfather’s cause. Duty and decorum demand she return to her abdicated post, but love an honor drive her in a different direction.

She cannot abide the potential loss of the empire’s greatest legend – especially not now that she has learned what a wonderful man he is.

When the moment to decide Earth’s ultimate fate finally arrives, who will rise in triumph – and who will fall in flames?

Grab your copy of Headstrong Heavy Metal now!

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