Confidence Can Be Found In Unexpected Places

A few weeks ago (as I write this, rather than as you read it), we had to file our taxes. Everyone dreads tax time, of course. Who wants to discover they owe the government money? Even if you’re getting a return, tax time is a stressful mix of gathering all the relevant information and hoping… Read more »

Why I Hate the Five Star Rating System

Awhile back, my friend Beth wrote about her frustrations with the five star rating system used by most sites, including Amazon and Goodreads. Even if you use half stars, cramming your opinion into such a small numerical scale is tricky. First of all, where do you draw the line between a three and a four?… Read more »

ReiannaThe Key to Destiny

One character I haven’t talked about much is Reianna. You may have noticed a lot of my characters interact in various settings, but Reianna is always off on her own. Her story is isolated from most of my multiverse. I don’t think she’ll ever cross into any of my other worlds, and I’m not sure… Read more »

My Contrary Love Affair with Action Movies

Action movies are a dime a dozen; Hollywood pumps them out at an astonishing rate. Of all the movie genres, I find action movies to be the most formulaic. They often feature the same faces and rely on about a dozen or so plots, constantly redressed. The more explosions and gun fights you can pack… Read more »

Six Silly Dragon Stories (from My Real Life)

I used to collect dragons. I started in high school when my grandmother purchases me a hand-blown glass dragon as a birthday gift. For awhile, everywhere I went, I came home with a new dragon. Unfortunately, any type of figure collecting is expensive, and my husband and I agree we’ve run out of places to… Read more »

Not Everyone Likes the Same Things You Do

I just finished watching the new season of BBC’s Sherlock with my husband. This was a show we loved when it premiered. I was so excited about the fourth season, I made my husband re-watch the entire show with me so we would have all the details fresh in our minds. It’s a good thing… Read more »

What Does Success Actually Mean to You?

(This is my actual desk – where all the magic happens!) Three years ago, I pressed publish for the first time, releasing Island of Lost Forevers into the wild. I was alone in my living room in England at the time. I was nervous, excited and maybe a bit sick to my stomach. Sometimes I’m… Read more »

I Am an Immigrant

I’m not what most people think of when they think of an immigrant. And most people have something in mind when they talk about immigrants; an idea that’s less than kind. But immigrant I am. I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. At age 18, I married a Canadian and moved to… Read more »

4 Recurring Dreams and How to Interpret Them

Last night, I had one of those epic dream sequences that continued every time I woke up and fell back asleep. These dream journeys have provided me with several novel plots, so I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, last night’s dream didn’t take me to any awesome fantasy lands and it didn’t involve new or interesting characters…. Read more »

Honor Your Limits and Forgive Yourself For It

I’m convinced I started this year on fire. I’ve had two weeks of glorious, non-stop productivity, wherein I’ve met my writing goals every day, without fail. Part of me is convinced it can’t last. The rest of me hopes there’s some way it can. When I woke up this morning, the room started spinning before… Read more »