Family is Forever

I apologize that it took me so long to return to this particular story; I actually thought I had written more about this and it turns out I hadn’t ^^;; This is the long-awaited continuation of the story from You Don’t Have to Be Honest With Me and it also ties in nicely with the… Read more »

DomerinThen and Now

I’ve come across this writing exercise several times but recently it struck a spark of inspiration. The idea is this; describe your character twice. Once to fall in love and once to be repulsed. I don’t tend to have my characters describe themselves, I usually have other characters describe them. These three elements were the… Read more »

DomerinThe Price of War; a Tale of Wrath

For all their complaints about having to run laps in full combat gear, Domerin’s soldiers never fully appreciated how bulky and awkward their combat armor really was until they were forced to wade through dense jungle undergrowth in it. The only things worse would have been loose sand or snow; both of which Domerin tried… Read more »

DomerinWhat If It Happened Differently?

You may recall from the “You Don’t Have to be Honest With Me” prompt, that our Dark Space game GM recently threw us a bit of a curve ball. Our characters were on the way home from an epic battle, but when they arrived they discovered ten years had passed instead of the five hours… Read more »

You Don’t Have to Be Honest With Me

This scene is a direct continuation from Time Sensitive Mail. When our characters returned from their mission in the unknown, they found they had been gone much longer than they anticipated (ten years, to be exact), though only a couple of hours had passed for them. Due to an epicly failed dodge roll, my character… Read more »

DomerinSpace and Dark Space

I’ve been posting writing prompts for a year now. A lot of them are interconnected in one way or another, so it may be time for a little site re-organization. It’s true I am telling stories in fragments, but it may be time to let them be stories. I have been steadily introducing the characters… Read more »

Domerin12 Hours Before the End

“This isn’t goodbye.” Domerin couldn’t blame his daughter for her skeptical expression. She had taken one look at him when he said Hello, Sunshine, and her face had turned ashen pale. Her demand to know what was happening was a reasonable one, but the answer was complex and he had never been good with words,… Read more »

DomerinWhy Do You Keep Pretending?

The thrashing never woke him up anymore. He’d grown too used to it. That bothered him. In the past, he’d been able to apply a gentle prod or a soft murmur, even if he pretended to be asleep afterward. Now he didn’t wake until he heard the loud thump indicating Domerin had run into one… Read more »

DomerinCharacter Takes Care of Sick Friend

“No, really, you don’t have to stay.” Domerin didn’t have the energy to put his usual tone of command into the statement, but he hoped his tone would do the trick anyway. It didn’t. His daughter’s boyfriend still hovered over his bed, shifting from foot to foot, head hanging as though he’d just been caught… Read more »

Please Stop Petting the Test Subjects

Ves had only met the regressive Arcturan a couple days ago, yet she had already planned for her a whole new wardrobe. Something that would complement the hint blue in the greyish cast of her skin. Like so many of Ves’s fashion projects, it began with corsets. She didn’t think Giana would accept all of… Read more »