Six Silly Dragon Stories (from My Real Life)

I used to collect dragons. I started in high school when my grandmother purchases me a hand-blown glass dragon as a birthday gift. For awhile, everywhere I went, I came home with a new dragon. Unfortunately, any type of figure collecting is expensive, and my husband and I agree we’ve run out of places to… Read more »

4 Recurring Dreams and How to Interpret Them

Last night, I had one of those epic dream sequences that continued every time I woke up and fell back asleep. These dream journeys have provided me with several novel plots, so I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, last night’s dream didn’t take me to any awesome fantasy lands and it didn’t involve new or interesting characters…. Read more »

On Social Media and Media Bias Filters

Way back in the long ago, what feels like forever now, I wrote a post about whose responsibility it is to protect our privacy on social media. While Facebook does have the ability to prevent us from posting our credit card information, that doesn’t excuse us from acting intelligently and responsibly. Fast forward to the… Read more »

Rejecting the ‘He Hurts Me Out of Love’ Trope

I’ve been spending my free time playing Amnesia; Memories. It’s an otome dating sim, which means it’s designed for women. All the potential prospects are male. What I like about the game is that each route is its own little romantic mystery. Instead of parading a group of prospects in front of you, the person… Read more »

Star Trek Beyond; a (Mostly) Spoiler Free Review

For a while now, I’ve wanted to write my thoughts about the latest Star Trek movie (and the new franchise as a whole). I hope by the time this goes up most people who really want to see it will have. I intend to avoid spoilers (aside from some details about the ‘scene’ involving Sulu… Read more »

ZitaIntroducing Zita, an Old Fanfic Character

Confession time! I may have mentioned this before, but the first stories I ever wrote were Sailor Moon fanfiction. I’m not even ashamed, because Sailor Moon is awesome. Fanfiction is great because it gives you a chance to learn the writing ropes without having to build the foundation yourself. Certain series lend themselves extremely well… Read more »

Both Geek and Girl

These days, women have to fight to defend their position in the ‘geek sphere.’ Women are either quizzed or ridiculed the moment they express an interest in something. Women are accused of being ‘fake geeks'(for what reason I can’t imagine). And there are endless discussions on the portrayal of female characters in movies, games and… Read more »

Persistent Creativity

In high school, my friends and I loved Sailor Moon. It was in the midst of revived popularity, largely because the end of season two had finally arrived in America, followed by seasons three and four. Sailor Moon was, in many ways, my gateway to writing. It’s one of those worlds that inspired many writers… Read more »

Guilty Pleasures

I usually don’t like the term ‘guilty pleasures.’ I think if you enjoy something, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Yet I feel a hint of shame whenever I think of the items on this list. These movies are so bad. Every time I hear someone mention hating one of them, I bow my head and quietly… Read more »

The Liebster Award

(Better late than never?) I was nominated by the fabulous A.R. Rivera. Unfortunately my blog has been on autopilot while I prepared for the Crossroads of Frozen Eternity release. But no matter. I’m here now and ready to go. *cracks knuckles* Step 1: Post 11 random facts about yourself 1. My husband and I had… Read more »