Six Silly Dragon Stories (from My Real Life)

I used to collect dragons. I started in high school when my grandmother purchases me a hand-blown glass dragon as a birthday gift. For awhile, everywhere I went, I came home with a new dragon. Unfortunately, any type of figure collecting is expensive, and my husband and I agree we’ve run out of places to… Read more »

What Does Success Actually Mean to You?

(This is my actual desk – where all the magic happens!) Three years ago, I pressed publish for the first time, releasing Island of Lost Forevers into the wild. I was alone in my living room in England at the time. I was nervous, excited and maybe a bit sick to my stomach. Sometimes I’m… Read more »

I Am an Immigrant

I’m not what most people think of when they think of an immigrant. And most people have something in mind when they talk about immigrants; an idea that’s less than kind. But immigrant I am. I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. At age 18, I married a Canadian and moved to… Read more »

A Taste of DavidsTea

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the delicious Adiago blends (orchard herbals, green rooibos and teas of Japan) that my mother-in-law sent me for my birthday. This really opened the door to loose leaf tea for me and I’ve quickly become a fanatic. While visiting a DavidsTea at our local mall, one of… Read more »

Four Reasons I Don’t Want to Go Home

I’ve talked before about my immigration to Canada. The question I get most often, especially when visiting friends and family, is; “Do you plan to come back?” In many ways, this topic is a loaded one. I appreciate that people miss me and want to see me more often. It would be nice to live… Read more »

DomerinSpace and Dark Space

I’ve been posting writing prompts for a year now. A lot of them are interconnected in one way or another, so it may be time for a little site re-organization. It’s true I am telling stories in fragments, but it may be time to let them be stories. I have been steadily introducing the characters… Read more »

Don’t Forget Your Towel

I don’t have a lot of experience with hot springs. In fact, most of my knowledge comes from anime, and I’m going to assume all of it is wrong. So when my in-laws suggested a couple of nights stay in a cabin near one, I was all for it. Turns out we only live about… Read more »

Don’t Forget Time to Recharge Your Energy

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten halfway through a sandwich, bowl of soup or cup of coffee before I realized I’ve barely tasted it. I always slow down and try to savor those last few bites or sips. But it’s too late. I’ve already missed enjoying the full experience. We live in… Read more »

Opening a New and Exciting Life Chapter

Moving across an ocean is hard. It’s slightly easier when you know people waiting for you on the other side, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging. When we left for England, we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t really know anyone on the other side of the pond, and we expected… Read more »

I Broke the Tardis – a Doctor Who Experience

If you’ve ever wanted Doctor Who to seep into your every day life, Cardiff is the place to go. Probably because the show is filmed there, so it’s a huge part of the city’s culture. No where else in the UK did we find as many references and memorabilia for the show (just that one… Read more »