What Does Success Actually Mean to You?

(This is my actual desk – where all the magic happens!) Three years ago, I pressed publish for the first time, releasing Island of Lost Forevers into the wild. I was alone in my living room in England at the time. I was nervous, excited and maybe a bit sick to my stomach. Sometimes I’m… Read more »

Fresh Goals for a Fresh Year

Every year I talk about how I hate New Years Resolutions because they never stick; I prefer goals. I usually publish this post as I’m ringing in the New Year on New Year’s Eve, but this year I decided to wait until I got back from vacation. (We spent two weeks in Florida with family… Read more »

How to Make Imaginary Things Work

We have to learn how things work in order to write about them. But what if we’re trying to write about imaginary things – like magic – or things that haven’t been invented yet? I like to use the same approach for both scenarios; ask all the relevant questions and fill in the blanks. For… Read more »

urban fantasy, romance novelHuge Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Sale

In case the picture isn’t enough to get you excited, allow me to introduce an exciting promotion! Over 150 indie authors have teamed up for this sale! If you’re looking for some awesome science fiction and fantasy reads, look no further. Each book, or box set, is on sale for just 99 cents. As you’ve… Read more »

Support; the Secret to a Writer’s Survival

Sometimes, writing feels like the worst, most thankless task in the world. It never fails; on the heels of my greatest high – finishing my first trilogy – follows the rollercoaster plunge toward my greatest low. Why did I bother to spend the last five years on this project? Who is going to read it?… Read more »

Sea of Twisted Souls – Now Available!

The week has finally arrived! This weekend, we’ll be rocking to the sweet sounds of Iron Maiden LIVE! Oh yeah, and you can now purchase the final book in the Mythical Island Trilogy! Holy cow! Though I always intended to see the trilogy through to its end, I don’t think I ever believed I’d reach… Read more »

urban fantasy, romance novelA Winter Holiday

“Our ancestors used to believe that the Sun disappeared forever on the night of the Winter Solstice, never to return.” Rather than watch her mother’s animated face as she told the familiar tale, Morulin focused on her twin brothers. It would be their first time participating in the Yule ritual and they had been squirming… Read more »

Coming Soon – Sea of Twisted Souls

On April 10th, my husband and I will be attending an Iron Maiden concert. (What!) It’s the first time we’ve bought big tickets for ourselves. Technically it’s to make up for all the anniversaries we’ve missed while moving (even though it’s nowhere near our anniversary), but for me it feels like the reward for something… Read more »

urban fantasy, romance novelGoing Deeper – Catilen’s Day

I’ve been exploring the art of connecting to a character’s headspace using writing prompts to delve into their psyche. I enjoyed the exercise with Domerin, so I decided to give Catilen another go. Here’s a small story that takes place shortly after the events of Island of Lost Forevers. … The days were difficult enough… Read more »

SFFSat – A Grave Misunderstanding

Sorry about the space between snippets. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Cutler household. But we’re back with a final sequence continued from here. It comes from Crossroads of Frozen Eternity, the second book of the Mystic Island Trilogy. … Thunder rumbled in the distance as the island reacted to her anger,… Read more »