DomerinMourning the Monster

This is an older scene (you can probably tell by how rough it is), another one I found while poking around on my hard drive. I wrote this for a now defunct super hero-esque role playing forum my husband used to run. There was a long run up of events before this scene, but the… Read more »

DomerinVery Few Are Left (Revisited)

A while back I decided to re-do a prompt with the same character in the same universe, but at a different part of their life. As usual, Domerin had a lot to offer. But I thought his idea was rather cheaty – since it actually involved a different version of himself (even if he does… Read more »

DomerinThe Other Side of the Coin

Way in the long ago, a friend and I discussed how interesting it would be to pluck Domerin out of the world he’s familiar with and plunk him in the middle of a new one where everyone he knew was an evil version of themselves. Basically the fantasy equivalent of the evil goatee universe for… Read more »

DomerinThen and Now

I’ve come across this writing exercise several times but recently it struck a spark of inspiration. The idea is this; describe your character twice. Once to fall in love and once to be repulsed. I don’t tend to have my characters describe themselves, I usually have other characters describe them. These three elements were the… Read more »

DomerinLet It Go; A Tale of Envy

I have a lot more characters than there are classic ‘deadly sins,’ so I’ve decided to do a second round of these and let some of my less often appearing characters get a shot. First up is Kail! . . . Kail answered his phone before it had a chance to get through the first… Read more »

DomerinThe Assassin’s Guild and their Dragon-Marked Master

I realize, despite previous promises, I haven’t introduced many of my worlds yet. Let’s fix that, shall we? I’ve written excerpts from several worlds drifting around in my head in the writing prompts section, and it might be nice to have a little context for them. I have rather generic names that I use to… Read more »

DomerinAlien Sacrifices

Over on Tumblr I participate in the #writeblr community. Some have started posting spontaneous prompts and so far I’ve really enjoyed answering them. So much so that I wanted to share my responses here. These are written off the cuff, without any planning. Today’s prompt was: “The local aliens keep bringing their injured people to… Read more »

RoseSeventy Percent Success Rate; a Tale of Pride

“I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.” “Oh?” The queen arched an eyebrow, peering across the short table at the head of her personal guard. Even at a private, informal meeting he was an imposing man. His dark eyes were full of storm clouds as his lips pressed into a thin line. A stray lock of black… Read more »

SilkfootThe Ultimate Key; a Tale of Greed

Of all the queen’s treasures, it was to the simple silver key she wore around her neck that Silkfoot’s eyes were continuously drawn. It was too plain to have been intended as a decoration, too ordinary to suit the fantastic nature of the woman who wore it. But he dared not ask about the adornment,… Read more »

DomerinThe Price of War; a Tale of Wrath

For all their complaints about having to run laps in full combat gear, Domerin’s soldiers never fully appreciated how bulky and awkward their combat armor really was until they were forced to wade through dense jungle undergrowth in it. The only things worse would have been loose sand or snow; both of which Domerin tried… Read more »