The Dream Things True Boxset is finally here!

The Dream Things True Boxset is finally here!

I think we can all agree 2020 has been a long and bizarre year. When I penned my goals for 2020 I, like everyone else, had no idea that things were going to turn upside down in March.

Unlike in previous years where I simply wrote down things I would like to be able to accomplish for my goals, I spent a lot of time preparing for 2020. I actually made a detailed list that included how many days I thought each project would take. Then I divided up my calendar and recorded my goals accordingly. (I’ve been doing this long enough now that I have a pretty good idea of how long it takes me to write or edit a book based on how long I expect it to be.) I even accounted for the number of vacations I expected we’d take. (Insert laughter here.)

I’ll be posting a more detailed rundown of how my 2020 goals went when the new year rolls around. But suffice to say, everything changed in March. I tried to visit a dear friend of mine shortly before she planned to move, and I had to cut the trip short. I came home to a mental fog. The next month involved rearranging the house so that my husband could work from home, and fiddling with the right noise blocking programs so that his teaching wouldn’t constantly intrude on my thoughts while I was writing.

Suffice to say, 2020 has been hard. I don’t think anyone would claim otherwise.

There have been some good moments.

But for all that 2020 has been a challenge, it hasn’t been a total write-off. And today, I want to focus on the victories, no matter how small.

In 2019, I threw pretty much all my publishing goals out the window. My husband and I spent most of the year looking for a new house, then later moving into the one we eventually decided on. I filled this blog with explanations, platitudes and even pleas for forgiveness. But the only thing I managed to get out the door, was the update for the first three Eternity’s Empire books, which took me pretty much the entire year to wrangle.

I vowed that 2020 would be different. And when the pandemic thrust us all into lock down, I decided not to re-live my worst moments of 2019. I had been trying for 3 years to get the Dream Things True Duology into the world after I spent most of a decade writing them. 2020 had to be the year.

And you know what? It was!

Today’s release marks the completion of all of my 2020 publishing goals. Some of them were late. (Dreamers Do Lie required one more last-minute push to wrap up all the little details.) But the most important thing is that I did it.

Hitting so many of my writing and publishing goals this year has been a shining light in a world shrouded by darkness, and I hope that will ultimately be the thing I remember most about 2020 when the dust settles.

2020 demanded a lot of flexibility.

This doesn’t mean that a lot of plans didn’t change. As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I lucked out a bit. We don’t yet have children, so neither of us actually had a larger workload. We just had to learn to work in different spaces under different schedules. (My husband really struggled with that. He hated teaching from home!)

The fact that we had just bought a larger house helped a lot because we had much more extra space available than in our old house. (Neither of us really wants to contemplate how we’d have survived the lockdown in a smaller, more open concept space.)

I figured out pretty quickly that it would be in my best interests to rearrange some of my future plans. For instance, instead of writing book six of the Eternity’s Empire series this November, I’ve been working on a boxset for the first four books to make it easier for people to keep current on the series. (Look for an official announcement soon!)

That extra writing time seemed better spent on a new freebie for my newsletter subscribers, who have been infinitely patent about all these release delays. (Again, stay tuned for an official announcement!)

My number one focus throughout this year, though, was the Dream Things True Duology. And that focus led to a lot of new firsts. I made my first map (and learned a lot in the process). I started working with Molly Phipps of We Got You Covered for new series covers, and her art brings my work to life in a way I never imagined possible. Amazon also hit me with my first major pre-order release bug… but let’s not spend time on that one.

Looking Beyond 2020…

I’m aware that not everyone can end 2020 with celebration the way I plan to. In the dark moments, I’ve made sure to connect with friends and fellow writers, inserting encouragement in Facebook and Twitter feeds whenever possible. And when I find myself scraping the bottom of the barrel, each and every one of those people has returned the favor.

2020 may have battered us, but it certainly hasn’t broken us.

I’m looking forward to announcing writing goals and publishing plans for 2021 because I’m determined to make every year better than the last from now on. (A low bar after 2020, I know, but we all start somewhere!)

In the mean time, if you haven’t had a chance to look at the Dream Things True duology – you can now get the whole thing in a single click. (See below)

To celebrate, Dreamers Do Lie is once again on sale for one week for 99 cents. So if you’d like to give the series a try but are uncertain, now is the best moment to check it out!

The Dream Things True Boxset is here!

So long as Lucifer wanders beyond Hell, the mortal world will be trapped at war…

Long ago, the old gods lived in peace among their creations. Until their brother Lucifer went mad with power, unleashing war and destruction in his bid to seize total control. In order to banish him, the gods removed themselves from their creations, forming Heaven and Hell. But Lucifer twisted his prison to suit his whims, infected the minds of mortals, and used their loyalty to break free.

The time has come for the mortal realm to end Lucifer’s war once and for all, lest they become his pawns, trapped forever in his war for revenge and dominance. As a descendant of the divine beings who helped lock Lucifer in his prison, the task falls to Kaylie.

But Kaylie has just awakened on the shores of the River Styx in Hell, her mind washed clean of memory by water from the river Lethe. Her fate – and the fate of the living world – now rests in the hands of Arimand and a group of his fellow damned souls. A burning river, an army of demons and an impassable wall lay in their path. If they succeed, they may be doomed to a worse torment than they started with. But if they fail, everyone still living might share their wretched fate.

And freeing Kaylie from Hell is only the beginning…

Grab your copy today!

Still not sure if this book is for you? Read the first three chapters of Dreamers Do Lie absolutely FREE right here on this website!

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