Introducing Smooth Jazz – Book 7 in the Celestial Serenade!

Introducing Smooth Jazz – Book 7 in the Celestial Serenade!

Once upon a time, I sat down to write a story. The plan was to write a singular book but, by the time I was finished, that book had become a trilogy. And by the time I was finished polishing that trilogy, it had grown a sequel, bringing the total number of books in the series to 6.

I was unbelievably happy to write the end when I polished off the 6th book. Until I realized I had granted one of my characters accidentally immortality – oops!

I don’t necessarily believe in tying off every loose thread at the end of a story. It’s perfectly fine to leave a few things to the imagination. But when you establish that a character can survive for tens of thousands of years, it’s hard to ignore. Eventually, people are going to have questions – me first and foremost.

I spent some time contemplating what to do about this accidental immortality. I very quickly determined that changing the plot to eliminate it wasn’t an option. But what, I wondered, would this character do when they outlived everyone they cared about?

By the time I determined the answer to that question, my simple little stand alone book had become a trilogy of trilogies.

I can’t say I’m sad. I’ve enjoyed telling this story. And now, at long last, I get to share with you my solution to the problem of accidental immortality.

Welcome to Soul of the Sun

When I decided to extend the Celestial Serenade by a third trilogy, I left the ending of the sixth book intact. I was happy with the conclusion it drew. My intention was never to undo the resolution my characters worked so hard for but, rather, to add to it.

That meant getting to decide what happened after the end. Where did my characters go and what did they do with the resolution they won from their exertions? How did their ultimate efforts affect the direction of their civilization? What grew out of the ashes of their struggles as time progressed?

These were my favorite questions to answer. Indeed, there was such a time jump between books 6 and 7 of the series, I had plenty of time to age the world on. Rather than fading into the past, the events of the first 6 books have become legend, as have the successes of the characters featured in the first part of the series. I even made myself a timeline so I could easily keep track of where and when events took place when the question of historical events came up.

As with the first book in the series, book 7 starts with Earth and its place in this newly aged world. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, Earth has fallen on hard times. Its glory days appear to be behind it, and much of the past is viewed through rose-tinted glasses.

Because what is a story without a problem to solve? And in a space opera, the problems tend to be big.

Time has Advanced

I don’t want to spoil too much about the new series. It’s always more fun to discover the tiny details of a story as you delve deeper into it. But I would like to offer a small taste of the new setting to whet your appetites.

Perhaps the biggest change between the end of the last book and the beginning of this one is the introduction of the Dragonmen.

Earth once again stands alone. At some point in the distant past, they changed their minds about merging with the Caltarans and carved their own borders on the map. When that happened, the Dragonmen – designed to be guardians of realm – became leaders of the people, filling the vacant spaces in the government so no major collapse could take place.

Now, the Dragonmen are the sole authorities over Earth. They rule with an iron fist. The technology that makes up their bio suits makes it impossible for normal people to challenge them. Not only are they a superior force with access to superior technology, they control Sol’s trade routes completely, making sure the population has no means to escape.

Those without the favor of the Dragonmen struggle to survive on the spare wages and sparse jobs available to them. But they have not forgotten the glory of their shared past with the Caltaran empire. There are many who hope to rise from the dust of the Dragonmen’s rule and retake their place in the greater galaxy.

The Dragonmen aren’t the only new faces

Smooth Jazz does not focus on the same cast as the first 6 books of the Celestial Serenade. Mostly because their natural life spans have all come to an end. That does not mean, however, that you’ll never see or hear about your favorite characters. All of their exploits are lurking in the past, waiting to be discovered.

This particularly applies to the legendary Kantis. (Remember what I said about accidental immortality?) When Kantis tired of living among the empire, he removed himself into self-imposed exile. But not before he spoke a promise that whenever the empire needed him, he would return.

But fear not! While the original cast of the Celestial Serenade have now passed into memory, there are plenty of new characters waiting to make your acquaintance. Rynick Zylockman, for example. Rynick works as a courier pilot for Earth. But he has recently fallen in with the Free Earth Faction, a group of humans fighting to free Earth from the tyrannical rule of the Dragonmen.

Rynick’s goal is to reach across the forbidden distance of the galaxy and awaken the legend he has grown up whispering about in hopes that he is still willing to fulfill his ancient promise.

I know I’ve spent this entire blog post focused on Earth and its current situation, but don’t worry. The Caltarans are still very much a part of the Celestial Serenade universe, and you won’t have to wait long to hear from them.

Smooth Jazz is Available Now!

Two civilizations forge uncertain paths to the future.
One legend inspires them.

When the endless march of time ceased to touch Kantis Isrical, he grew weary of life in the empire. Before he departed, he spoke a promise – whenever you need me, I will return.

According to Rynick Zylockman, Earth has never needed the legendary Kantis more. It’s been several centuries since Sol ceded from their union with the Calteran Empire, forcing their magnificent floating city and luxury ships to abandon orbit and move elsewhere. Since then, the Dragonmen, once protectors of the system, have become tyrants, oppressing what remains of humanity by grinding them ever deeper into the dust.

Day to day life is a constant struggle for Rynick and his sister, Syril. There’s never enough money to pay the bills, their mother is sick and now Syril is pregnant. In Earth’s hidden crevices, a movement gathers, hoping to free the planet from its tyrannical rulers. But if Rynick doesn’t act now, their efforts won’t do him or his family any good.

Morumi is a high-tech Caltaran spy. Her current assignment is to determine the state of Earth’s population and report back to the ruling council. But thus far, her efforts have come up short. She needs a human with whom she can discuss the current situation – but she never expected one to crash into her life.

Rynick might just be the solution to Morumi’s problems; but she is almost certainly his salvation. Because she can carry him beyond the confines of the Sol system in search of the legendary Kantis, Earth’s last best hope to rise once more from the ashes of ruin.

Grab your copy now!

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