Writing Basics Master Post

Writing Basics Master Post

Hey everyone! Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned needing to finish a project before all our summer visitors arrived? Well summer is in full swing and the first of our visitors has arrived! While I’m off hiking, eating ice cream and doing a host of other fun things, I want to leave you with some entertainment. So I’ve compiled a list of all the ‘writing basics’ posts I’ve composed over the past year and a half.

There are many guides for starting, and even advanced, writers out there and mine is far from comprehensive. But if you’re looking for the bare basics of where and how to start, this is the guide for you. It’s just a little push to get you over the planning stage and into the meat of the project. I hope everyone can find a little something useful here!

We’ll start with how writers get their ideas.
Next a starting point for building your own fantasy world.
Now you’ve got a world, what do you need to set a story in it?
You might also want to put some people in that world.
(Subsequently I did a follow-up to this character building post with some fleshed-out notes on one of my characters.)
Digging a little deeper into the creative process, here’s how you can build the rules for imaginary things.
And finally, a small guide to help you gauge when you’re ready to start.

I’ll be back next week, don’t wreck the Interwebs while I’m gone ;)

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