Hanging Around Town

I’ve talked a lot about my recent trip to Florida (and hopefully I haven’t bored too many people with it). While we spent a lot of time in theme parks, we also took the time to enjoy other local attractions. My friend, Rowena, has a knack for finding the most interesting stops in any location,… Read more »

Dance Party Magic

The Magic Kingdom is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite Disney park. Most of the Magic Kingdom is meant for kids, but it’s also the heart of Disney, the heart of my childhood, the place where all the movies I loved as a kid come to life. But it’s the hottest of all the parks… Read more »

The Fanny Pack Fiasco

As I mentioned in my last vacation post, my recent trip to Florida included my first trip to Universal Studios. Our second day at the park started at the customer service desk. The Gryffindor friend I mentioned in my last post purchased a t-shirt from the Islands of Adventure park which needed to be exchanged…. Read more »

Islands of Adventure

My fall trip to Florida included my first trip to Universal studios. I’ve heard a lot about the parks from others who’ve visited, and I know a lot of the history, but I’d never experienced it myself. Of course, Universal’s newest and most popular attraction is the Harry Potter themed park where they recreated Hogwarts… Read more »

I Want to Bang on the Drums All Day

I hope no one finds these personal interludes too boring. While I don’t treat this blog as my personal journal, I do like to keep track of interesting things happening in my life. A trip to Disney with a best friend I haven’t seen in awhile is certainly a major event. This was my first… Read more »

The Yak and the Yeti

Disney’s Animal Kingdom isn’t quite a zoo but isn’t exactly an amusement park either. It’s a sort of mash-up of the two. I recall the park feeling a tad sparse when we visited on our honeymoon. Since I wasn’t feeling well, we only spent a half day there and I didn’t feel we missed anything…. Read more »

Taste Your Way Around the World

The World Showcase at Epcot has always been my favorite part of Disney World. When you think of amusement parks, most minds probably jump to the rides and perhaps the special character interactions. But I love what the World Showcase represents. It’s little pieces of the world in bite-sized chunks I can experience in a… Read more »

The Disney Experience

Earlier this year, a friend of mine won a Disney cruise for her whole family (herself, her husband and their two young boys). When she returned, she commented to me that the most memorable part of the cruise was the help she received from the staff to accommodate her young children, from the day-care to… Read more »