On the Horizon

I can hardly believe we’re ringing in another new year! Just one year ago we were in blistery, wintery northern Quebec, half-buried in the snow! This year has seen the edit of one of the novels I wrote last year, and the writing of its sequel. It still hasn’t seen the publication of any of… Read more »

Yule be Swingin’

In ancient days the folk of old When chilled with fright by Winter’s cold Did kindle up a great Yule fire With leaping flames in its great pyre; So to entice the waining sun To rise again and wider run; It’s firey course across the sky, To warm them so they would not die. So… Read more »

A Shiny New Year

It’s that time again! The time when we let the old slip away in favor of the new. We put all the negativity of the past year behind us and look forward to the bright new future. This is a fresh start. A new page, just waiting for new scribbles. It’s also time for New… Read more »

Happy Holidays

No matter what you celebrate, it’s that time of year again! The time of giving gifts, spending time with family, and giving thanks for the ability to do both. My husband and I will be taking a brief trip across the province to visit family for the holidays, so the blog will be on Hiatus… Read more »


Hi there everyone! I’ve been faithfully blogging for a couple of months now and I appreciate everyone who has dropped by to browse or leave a message. I wanted to leave this message here for anyone who visits faithfully so you’ll know I haven’t forgotten about you all the next few weeks. :) I have,… Read more »

My Absence

My apologies for the lack of updates! I never intended to let this site sit so long unattended. I had planned to at least keep the blog up to date with my latest exploits in both the writing and IT worlds, but sadly life has kept me rather busy. In June of this year, my… Read more »

New Site

Hello and welcome to Cosmic Desire! My name is Megan Cutler; internet alias “Striker”. I am a writer and an IT networking specialist. Recently, I finished writing my third novel, a space opera which I hope to have published in the near future. The writing section of the site will document my journey as I… Read more »