A Shiny New Year

A Shiny New Year

It’s that time again! The time when we let the old slip away in favor of the new. We put all the negativity of the past year behind us and look forward to the bright new future. This is a fresh start. A new page, just waiting for new scribbles.

It’s also time for New Year’s Resolutions; the things we promise ourselves we’re going to start doing in the new year. I addressed my opinion of resolutions last year. Suffice to say, I think the goal approach worked well.

I always like to start my new year with a look back at the old one, so here’s how I did on my goals:

Goal 1: Get my house fixed
This was a success. A major success, if you ask me. There are still some things to be taken care of. The situation isn’t completely behind us, but it’s getting there. That part of the house is at least usable, ready to be integrated back into our home. I’m looking forward to filling it with furniture and also with love. It’s been a long road, but it feels it’s been worth it.

Goal 2: Make money off my writing
This, sadly, never happened. I didn’t sell a single story (not for lack of trying), nor did I find an agent willing to represent my manuscript.


For the first time in my life, I sent serious queries to agents for a book I wrote solely on my own (I once queried semi-seriously for a book I co-wrote).

I submitted several short stories to several different magazines and collected a stack of rejection emails in my inbox.

I also submitted my full manuscript to a publisher; the first time I’ve ever been able to respond to a call for open submissions.

While none of these things specifically accomplished my goal, they got me significantly closer than I’ve ever been. And that feels really good.

My efforts to become a full time writer the past year yielded other results as well.

I wrote TWO entire novels (that’s pretty damn impressive, even if I didn’t edit either of them yet).

I decided to self-publish if I can’t find an agent. And I began building the foundations I’ll need to do that.

I also learned a hell of a lot about writing in a short period of time. I dare say my writing has improved leaps and bounds in the past twelve months.

So for this bright, shiny new year I think I’ll stick with the idea of goals. And of course my primary goal is still the same it’s always been; be a writer. Make being a writer the thing I do for the rest of my life. Because I’ve never wanted anything more.

And hopefully this will be the year I finally put something out there, whatever path it ends up taking.

The blog resumes January 7th. In the mean time read some fun facts about Yule (the winter holiday I celebrate).

Blessed New Year everyone! I hope it’s the happiest year you’ve ever had and may you achieve all your New Year’s goals!

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