New Site

New Site

Hello and welcome to Cosmic Desire!

My name is Megan Cutler; internet alias “Striker”. I am a writer and an IT networking specialist.

Recently, I finished writing my third novel, a space opera which I hope to have published in the near future. The writing section of the site will document my journey as I continue to write and strive for my goal of publishing, as well as include information on my current projects.

The IT projects section of the site has information on my most recent IT projects, including my resume and portfolio. It is my hope moving forward to find a position that allows me to combine my IT skills and knowledge with my creativity. As my career grows, so too will this section of the website.

Here in the blog you will find my latest thoughts and actions as I move forward through both of these exciting fields. Please take a look around and feel free to leave comments and feedback.

Special thanks go out to Greater Umbrage our gracious web host.

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