My Absence

My Absence

My apologies for the lack of updates!

I never intended to let this site sit so long unattended. I had planned to at least keep the blog up to date with my latest exploits in both the writing and IT worlds, but sadly life has kept me rather busy.

In June of this year, my husband graduated from Teacher’s College at the University of Toronto. This was a huge occasion for us because he’d been working towards this goal for eight years! (7 years at York University in Toronto studying history for a specialized degree and 1 year at the Teacher’s College program at York University).

In July, after three months of fruitless job searching, he received TWO offers of employment from schools in Quebec! At that point we pretty much dropped everything to determine which offer he should accept and start making arrangements to move. We chose the option which allowed us to buy a house. For anyone who’s ever purchased a house, you know what all that entails. We arranged to come to our new town for a few days, look at houses, get to know the way around, found a place we loved, made an offer and left with our heads spinning for home to try to get things ready for the big move.

This isn’t the first time we’ve packed up everything we owned and made a significant move (we moved from Maryland to Toronto eight years ago), but packing your life into the back of a truck and driving eight hours is never easy. Plus it’s a huge transition to go from an apartment to a house (even if we only lived at our last place for 2 years). We both underestimated the sheer amount of work the move was going to be. Between getting everything safely transported and getting our services moved over to a new place, it was a headache and a half! Not to mention the entire house needed a new coat of paint (much of it still not done).

By October things had started to settle down. Were in the last stages of unpacking and I had gotten back into a ‘normal’ (because how normal is a writer’s schedule ever?) writing schedule. That was when disaster struck. On October 15, after owning our first home for only a month and a half, we were struck by a sewage backup which destroyed all of the floors in our downstairs (also the basement, but it was a finished basement). Our living room and library were down there, as well as everything that hadn’t yet been unpacked. Most of our personal belongings survived the incident, but the flooring has had to be torn out in every room.

It’s a mess, to put it lightly. We’re working with our insurance company to get repairs under way, but this is a huge job, one that demands most of our time and attention. It’s hard enough trying to find time to write without trying to find time to keep things up to date here. Please bear with my absence for the time being. I am working towards at least being able to update my projects more regularly. I have lots of exciting news on the writing front, and I look forward to getting it posted here soon.

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