A Taste of the Teas of Japan Sampler

Tea. I keep coming back to it. The last time we visited our local mall, I became a Frequent Steeper at David’s Tea. I just know I’m going to get along with this new arrangement. But today’s post is about the last of my Adagio sampler sets, stealth-purchased by my mother-in-law for my birthday. I… Read more »

A Taste of the Green Rooibos Sampler

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve started drinking loose leaf tea. It’s been a couple months and I can say with certainty it was a good choice. My tea supplies last longer and there are more options available to me. I’m starting to get the knack of how long each type of tea needs… Read more »

A Taste of the Orchard Tea Sampler

It’s been a rough week (the week I’m writing this rather than the week you’re reading it). My computer died a week ago, the day before my in-laws arrived for a week long visit. If I was going to be without a computer for a week, I guess that was the week for it to… Read more »

Comfort Food

It’s been awhile since I talked about cooking. While we lived in the UK, we had a small kitchen and didn’t have room to store the bulk ingredients you usually keep stocked in the pantry. We made due as best we could but, now that we’re back, we’re happy to stretch our culinary muscles once… Read more »

More Kitchen Fun

A few weeks back I made a list of my favorite slow-cooker recipes cobbled together from various social media and blogs I read. My slow-cooker is convenient, but I don’t use it every night. So in the spirit of fairness, here are some non-slow-cooker favorites we’ve added to our meal rotation of late. Funeral Sandwiches… Read more »

Slow-Cooker Delights

Awhile back I mentioned I live by my slow cooker. There’s something appealing about throwing a bunch of ingredients in there in the morning and having a meal when we get hungry in the evening. What I love most is modifying recipes to taste and still ending up with an excellent dinner with minimal effort…. Read more »

Artificial Flavors

I hate cooking. I really do. Part of it could be that I never really learned how to cook ‘properly.’ I probably never learned because I didn’t want to. I don’t know why my teenaged self thought it wasn’t important (since I cooked then almost as much as I do now; I just didn’t choose… Read more »