More Kitchen Fun

More Kitchen Fun

A few weeks back I made a list of my favorite slow-cooker recipes cobbled together from various social media and blogs I read. My slow-cooker is convenient, but I don’t use it every night. So in the spirit of fairness, here are some non-slow-cooker favorites we’ve added to our meal rotation of late.

Funeral Sandwiches (Or Sunday Sammies as we like to call them)
Why I love it: A new twist on an old favorite. Not just toasted ham and cheese but all new flavor. Plus I like things that are sweet and savory. And they’re mini. You can make a bunch at one time and save them for later.
Where I found it: Pinterest
Tips: Turkey and cheese is just as good (I forgot to buy ham once and we had turkey in the fridge, this is how I know).

Cracker Barrel’s Hashbrowns Casserole – Copycat
Why I love it: This may sound strange, but I’ve never been to cracker barrel. So I don’t know what it’s ‘supposed’ to taste like. It sounded yummy so we tried it. Turns out it is yummy. I often pair this with either the Sunday Sammies or the Pizza Rolls located elsewhere on this list :)
Where I found it: Pinterest
Tips: We don’t seem to be able to get the stringy hashbrowns depicted in the image. We get the frozen squares instead. They taste good so I can only assume the type of hashbrown doesn’t matter.

Greek Yogurt Pancakes
Why I love it: We sometimes like to have breakfast for dinner and this is my new favorite way to do it. Sometimes with eggs, ect, sometimes on their own. There are only four ingredients in this recipe. FOUR. Just try not to love it.
Where I found it: Pinterest
Tips: Try it with different types of yogurt :) We’ve done strawberry banana and field-berry so far. Also it seems any kind of yogurt works, it doesn’t have to be Greek.

Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups
Why I love it: All the fun of pizza without the hassle of rolling dough. Plus they’re good for mobile lunches if you’re going to have a way to heat them up.
Where I found it: Pinterest
Tips: Try different types of filling. We do double cheese and ham as well as pepperoni.

Subway Copycat Crab Salad
Why I love it: This is another strange one because I never eat the crab salad at Subway, but I do love crab salad. My husband particularly likes that it’s mixed with hard-boiled eggs to ‘tone down’ the crab.
Where I found it: Google search
Tips: Don’t over fill the tortillas. I’m guilty of this.

I’m always looking to try new things so if you have a favorite recipe, toss it my way!

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