SFFSat – Magic’s Many Uses

SFFSat – Magic’s Many Uses

Continuing from last week, this excerpt comes from Island of Lost Forevers, the first book in the Mystic Island Trilogy. Again, we leap a slight bit further into the sequence to see how Damian deals with the mess he made.

Guards with heavy wooden staves waited for him at the top of the stairs. They attacked when he didn’t stop, apparently under orders to avoid lethal force. He took several blows to the chest and shoulders before he resorted to magic, using a shockwave to knock them off their feet.

While the guards scrambled to recover, Damian turned his magic inward. His injured leg ached, threatening to fail if this physical activity continued. He found the tiny fissure in the bone and accelerated his body’s natural healing processes.

As soon as the leg would carry him, he pelted around a corner, following Catilen’s energy trail. The guards barreled after him, trying to trip him with their staves. He skidded around another bend, almost colliding with a group of staff bearing makeshift weapons.

Turning on his heel, he directed an arcane blast at another wall. He hurried through the shattered support structure, hoping the debris would slow his pursuers. Another mage blast knocked a pair of lanterns from their wall sconces. The staff abandoned him to deal with the resulting fire.

Guests screeched hysteria as they fled his mad rampage. He’d caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by now, and ruined several priceless pieces of artwork.

My, that seems to be going well… That’s it for this particular sequence. If you’d like to fill in the blanks, you’ll have to read the book. ;)

You can read the first three chapters of Island of Lost Forevers for free, right here on my site. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords (other sale links on the side bar).

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