Persistent Creativity

In high school, my friends and I loved Sailor Moon. It was in the midst of revived popularity, largely because the end of season two had finally arrived in America, followed by seasons three and four. Sailor Moon was, in many ways, my gateway to writing. It’s one of those worlds that inspired many writers… Read more »

The Power of Love

Growing up, we awakened at the fun-filled hour of five AM so that our mom could take us to day care in time to get to work. I don’t remember much from those haze-filled hours where I rolled out of bed and stumbled down the stairs after several attempts to roll over and go back… Read more »

Geek Girl Rant #42

I sometimes rant about pointless things (this is not new). Today’s target? The pointless Disney memes circulating the internet decrying all Disney movies for depicting women who transform themselves for men. I’ll grant that Disney movies are far from perfect, especially the older ones. How many of their movies are guilty of the tired old… Read more »

Cartoons; Not Just For Kids

In the west we seem to believe cartoons belong solely to children. As soon as something’s animated, for one reason or another, we can no longer take it seriously. I don’t really understand the reasons; it’s far from a universal idea. I spent the past weekend re-affirming my love for anime, which only baffles me… Read more »

5 Myths About Video Games

I think I’ve well established the fact that I’m a gamer. I like experiencing stories, whether it be puzzling it out through a point-and-click or making the tough choices thrown my way in an RPG. Despite the growing popularity of the gaming industry, people still cling to certain myths surrounding the media. 1. Violent Video… Read more »

Be Who You Are

Sometimes while browsing the Internets, I come upon posts that make me sigh or roll my eyes, usually where people have over-examined a concept, movie or kid’s show to the point where I can’t take their conclusion seriously. And I preface this post in such a way because I fear I may be treading that… Read more »

Gotta Raise ‘Em Right

People often say ‘they don’t make them like they used to.’ They usually say it in reference to anything from houses to cars to headphones. I usually say it in regards to cartoons. In the west, we have this idea that cartoons are for kids (that’s the topic of a whole other blog post). Now… Read more »