King James Bible Search 2.0

King James Bible Search 2.0

King James Bible Search Form

The Project
Written in my last year at Seneca College as part of a class project. The goal was to create a form using Perl and Template Toolkit which would allow for easy and detailed searches of the King James Bible. Not only was the goal to familiarize ourselves with Template Toolkit, but we were also trying to create a program where the visual elements could easily be updated or changed without risk of affecting the code's functionality.

Technical Details
Written in Perl with Template Toolkit for management of the front end, visual aspects of the program with the goal of keeping code such as HTML which manages the visual aspects separate from the files which actually control the program's functionality. SQL back end is used for data storage and look-ups. Uses a GET method style paging in favor additional functionality. Features CSS design developed by Darjan Panic and Brian Green.

  • Fully functioning search including normal and boolean search feature, the ability to search for a phrase, and the ability to return the number of results instead of the actual results; boolean search function can also be used for more advanced search functions such as combining the boolean and 'as phrase' search functions
  • Multicoloured highlighting to distinguish different results when searching for more than one result
  • Paging system which allows the user to choose the number of results per page, a link for each page of search results, first and last page buttons and a sliding window option (in place of next and previous) which shifts the window of page links displayed to the user for ease of navigation

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