A Taste of DavidsTea

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the delicious Adiago blends (orchard herbals, green rooibos and teas of Japan) that my mother-in-law sent me for my birthday. This really opened the door to loose leaf tea for me and I’ve quickly become a fanatic. While visiting a DavidsTea at our local mall, one of… Read more »

DomerinThe Price of War; a Tale of Wrath

For all their complaints about having to run laps in full combat gear, Domerin’s soldiers never fully appreciated how bulky and awkward their combat armor really was until they were forced to wade through dense jungle undergrowth in it. The only things worse would have been loose sand or snow; both of which Domerin tried… Read more »

Inside the Mind of Pirate

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. Awhile back I talked about questions that will better help you connect with your characters. I then answered those questions with several of my characters (Domerin, Catilen, and Zita). I always meant to do more of these and I thought it might be fun to get… Read more »

ElianThe Seeds of Chaos; a Tale of Envy

“Hello Kitty-Cat.” The way Crescent bristled, Elian could tell the greeting struck the desired nerve. It was easy to imagine the other man in his furred form, hair standing on end, tail swollen to express his aggression; especially when Crescent bared his teeth exactly the way a cat might. Pretending not to notice the effects… Read more »

Chrono Trigger; a Perfect Guide to Foreshadowing

Last year, a group of my favorite youtubers hosted a twenty-seven hour stream of Chrono Trigger to celebrate the game’s twentieth anniversary. Since it’s my husband’s favorite game, we both camped out as long as we could. Alas, we both needed to sleep at some point. Though my husband knows Chrono Trigger better than the… Read more »

The One Who’s Damned; a Tale of Gluttony

Here’s the second installment of the seven deadly sins character series. Up next is Endryn, whom I’ve only ever written about once before. This story takes place significantly earlier in his timeline. . . . The voices whispered in his head every day from dawn till dusk. Then they screamed. He spent his nights huddled… Read more »

Four Reasons I Don’t Want to Go Home

I’ve talked before about my immigration to Canada. The question I get most often, especially when visiting friends and family, is; “Do you plan to come back?” In many ways, this topic is a loaded one. I appreciate that people miss me and want to see me more often. It would be nice to live… Read more »

PhageMinimum Safety Threshold; a Tale of Sloth

While browsing the list of interesting prompts I have saved, I came across the seven deadly sins. I instantly started wondering which of my characters would fit each sin. That later evolved into wondering which critical sin each of my major characters would suffer. I decided to write a series exploring that very topic (there… Read more »

Introducing The Light of Eternity – Book 1 of Eternity’s Empire

Early last year I set out to produce a series of serial short stories surrounding a group of college age girls who suddenly discover they have the magical abilities of ancient goddesses. I started with an outline and quickly threw it out, enjoying the thrill of going where the story took me. I use this… Read more »

Fresh Goals for a Fresh Year

Every year I talk about how I hate New Years Resolutions because they never stick; I prefer goals. I usually publish this post as I’m ringing in the New Year on New Year’s Eve, but this year I decided to wait until I got back from vacation. (We spent two weeks in Florida with family… Read more »