RoseThe Blessings of Marriage

Every time I hit a multiple of ten with these writing prompts, I like to do something special. This time, I decided to re-write a prompt with the same character, in the same world, but at a different point in their timeline. And it just so happened I was struck by inspiration while I was… Read more »

Honor Your Limits and Forgive Yourself For It

I’m convinced I started this year on fire. I’ve had two weeks of glorious, non-stop productivity, wherein I’ve met my writing goals every day, without fail. Part of me is convinced it can’t last. The rest of me hopes there’s some way it can. When I woke up this morning, the room started spinning before… Read more »

DomerinAlien Sacrifices

Over on Tumblr I participate in the #writeblr community. Some have started posting spontaneous prompts and so far I’ve really enjoyed answering them. So much so that I wanted to share my responses here. These are written off the cuff, without any planning. Today’s prompt was: “The local aliens keep bringing their injured people to… Read more »

A Very Disney New Year

As I mentioned last week, we rang in the new year down in Disney World this year. It was a spectacular trip from beginning to end. Since I’ve already written quite a bit about past Disney trips, I thought this time I would stick to the trip’s highlights. The Magic Kingdom Knowing that the Magic… Read more »

CazellaThe Sweetness of Eden; A Tale of Lust

No connections. That was Cazella’s rule. Favorites were fine; they kept her entertained and kept her paid. A win-win scenario. But connections could get people killed. She danced her corners like they were stages, the street lights her spotlight, the passing cars the roar of the crowd. And she took appointments at the Madame’s request…. Read more »

The Fanny Pack Fiasco Revisited

By far the most popular article I’ve ever written on this blog was a little piece called The Fanny Pack Fiasco, which detailed my first trip to Universal Studios in Florida. The short version is that a small fanny pack which accompanied us to every single park in Orlando caused us problems in exactly one… Read more »

RoseSeventy Percent Success Rate; a Tale of Pride

“I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.” “Oh?” The queen arched an eyebrow, peering across the short table at the head of her personal guard. Even at a private, informal meeting he was an imposing man. His dark eyes were full of storm clouds as his lips pressed into a thin line. A stray lock of black… Read more »

On Social Media and Media Bias Filters

Way back in the long ago, what feels like forever now, I wrote a post about whose responsibility it is to protect our privacy on social media. While Facebook does have the ability to prevent us from posting our credit card information, that doesn’t excuse us from acting intelligently and responsibly. Fast forward to the… Read more »

SilkfootThe Ultimate Key; a Tale of Greed

Of all the queen’s treasures, it was to the simple silver key she wore around her neck that Silkfoot’s eyes were continuously drawn. It was too plain to have been intended as a decoration, too ordinary to suit the fantastic nature of the woman who wore it. But he dared not ask about the adornment,… Read more »

Soul of the Earth is Finally Here!

My sincerest apologies to have kept everyone waiting for the next installment of Eternity’s Empire. I originally hoped to release this chapter last month, but 2016 made a lot more demands on my time in the last half of the year than I expected. Chapters 6 and 7 are also pivotal chapters and I wanted… Read more »