Freebie Mondays: Winds of Chaos – Granny’s Care Package

Freebie Mondays: Winds of Chaos – Granny’s Care Package

My husband runs a Dungeons and Dragons game on Twitch every Tuesday that has come to be known as Winds of Chaos. Due to my work schedule (and load), I’ve been unable to participate as a regular player (though I have done a cameo and hope to do more in the future). As a writer, I can, however, participate in other ways! I decided to help the players in the campaign (who are all good friends of mine) bring key moments in their characters’ past to life. As an added bonus, it makes a great writing exercise for me!

The first story featured Kiona, the party’s wild magic sorceress. The second centered around Mazrah, who is a half-orc rogue. And the third starred the party’s gnome ranger/fighter, Foodle.

Now it’s time for something a little different. Remember how I said I don’t have time to participate in the game weekly? Well I found a way to participate from the sidelines. With the GM’s permission, my character sent a care package to each character including a special item and a little personalized note!
. . .

My dearest friends,

I hope this letter finds you well.

After our paths parted ways, I returned my quiet clearing and spoke with the snails about our adventures. We turned the whole affair into afternoon tea, and it was quite delightful. Calvin was on his best behavior. He missed me, I think.

The forest thrums with new life now that the dark magic has been banished from its roots. Though if you ask this old lady, it can also be contributed to the friendship forged between the forest and the Orcs in yonder fort. They have taken to the planting, bless their hearts, so I have started leaving baked goods for them to find when they check on the saplings. They still like me better as ‘granny’ instead of the wood witch, but that suits me fine.

Alas, if all were well, there would be little urgency in writing. My illustrious patron, the Megana, has – as I suspected – revealed the next stage of my personal journey. It is not enough, it seems, to protect the forest from encroaching darkness. There is something she wishes me to find, an object of some power, though I cannot yet say if I agree with her plans.

Still, if it is for the benefit of more than just myself, I can hardly ignore the request.

I know that the Megana will keep my homely clearing safe – as always she has – until my return. And I have asked Ogrham and Stefan to keep watch over the rest of the woods while I’m away. But as I pack my bags for another departure, I cannot help but think of my new friends and wonder where your journey has taken you.

Please find enclosed a small gift for each of you, taken from among my meager supplies at home. Don’t hesitate to send return messages with Ikari – I would love to hear what you have been up to!

Please take care of yourselves. Though our journeys currently carry us in different directions, it is my sincere hope our paths will one day cross again.

Best Wishes,
AKA Yefema
AKA The Witch of the Woods

PS: Calvin sends his regards.

PPS: If you could spare something shiny for Ikari to play with on the return trip, I’m sure he’d be grateful.

The following letter is addressed to Foodle

Dearest Foodle,

It warms my aged heart that I was able to meet you. I can honestly say that I do not think I would be the same person I am today if I had not. Though my connection with the forest has always run deep, it was refreshing to meet someone who shared an understanding not only of the plants surrounding us, but the life cycle of the eco system and what it needs to function. Our conversations were a reminder that not all aspects of life are what they seem, that light can often be found in the deepest darkness, and that what seems beautiful might actually be a hidden thorn.

I am grateful for the things our interactions taught me, Foodle, and I hope you will continue to find and spread such wisdom on your journeys.

I know that you seek connection with an earthly being, perhaps one even more powerful than my patron, and I hope the tea I left has – or will help – you in that regard. But it was hardly the only brew from my considerable stash, and I can’t help feeling several would be helpful to your in your journey. Though to keep things organized, I have only sent one for the time being.

These packets can be used to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Place one packet into boiling water and let steep for at least three minutes – but no more than five to keep the herbs from turning bitter. Those who drink this tea will feel a calm wash over them. You may find they are easier to talk to during this time – though it is still up to you to make friends properly.

Remember – tea is for drinking, not for throwing!


PS: I think Calvin misses you.

The following letter is addressed to Kiona

Dearest Kiona,

How go your efforts to keep away from everyone? I hope you are not isolating yourself too much when things are peaceful. You will need your friends to help you through any rough times that lay ahead. And frankly, they will also need you – whether any of you realize it.

I don’t imagine you feel much differently about your magic than you did the last time we spoke. But I do want to remind you that you probably saved my life a few times – and the lives of your friends along with it. I know that magic can be dangerous, but so is life. So long as your intention is always to help and not to harm, I feel confident that you will find a way to overcome these troubles – or at least turn them to your advantage.

I will not bore you with useless advice as I’m sure you have already tried many new methods of controlling your magic since we last spoke. Instead, I’ve sent you a gift! Use this fragrant brush on your animal companions, and you may find them more willing to comply with your requests for a little while.

I know you’re going through a lot, but please don’t ever lose your spark. I know you haven’t met her, but you’re doing my good friend Crazy Mel all kinds of proud.


PS: Have you settled into a singular form yet?

The following letter is addressed to Mazrah

Dearest Mazrah,

I still feel bad that we got off on such the wrong foot. I know there’s no changing the past, but I’m going to work extra hard to change the future anyway.

With all that happened while we were traveling together, we didn’t get much chance to talk. (Or perhaps you were avoiding me?) Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that your quick thinking and clever plans saved us all from a lot of trouble. I have no doubt those skills will come in handy protecting your companions on future journeys.

Never forget that it was ultimately you who closed the Eye of Grummsh and saved us all from the reavers (rivers?) and their bloodthirsty rituals. Hopefully that’s the last we’ve seen of that lot and their horrible symbol. But if not, hopefully that old god will think twice before messing with the likes of you!

But enough about all that. I noticed that you seem quite skilled with your hands. Do you have some kind of craft-related hobby? Whittling, perhaps, or maybe knitting? (If you’re interested in knitting, I have a few patterns you might be interested in trying!)

Where was I? Oh, yes!

Since you’re so sneaky, please enjoy the pouch I have provided. DO NOT INHALE THE CONTENTS. This sand is particularly itchy and might be used to distract enemies the next time you find yourself in the thick of things. But do use it sparingly – you wouldn’t want it to accidentally end up in your own eyes.


PS: Just to be safe, make sure you wash your hands after handling the sand. DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES.

The following letter is addressed to Goldril

Dearest Goldril:

Did I mention that I’ve never met a Dragonborn before? You’re my first one! The closest I’ve ever come is Ikari. And the two of you are quite different (obviously). Though you are both blue. Perhaps that means you are very distant cousins?

(I jest.)

What I actually wanted to say is that you have quite a wide range of skills on the battlefield. I have no doubt that if you keep practicing and building your repertoire, you will one day do great things. And I eagerly await hearing tales of these deeds told on my journeys (should the stories reach me before the rest of you do).

Do you, perhaps, have a mentor among the caravan who has helped with your training? If you do, they must be mightily proud! If not, have you considering mentoring yourself? I’m sure you have a lot of wisdom and insight you could pass on to a young protégée. Perhaps they might even join you on your travels someday. (It never hurts to have extra allies in a fight.)

I was uncertain what gift to give one with so many obvious skills. After some time digging through my reserves I found this vial. It is a somewhat experimental potion, so I am not entirely certain what it will do. But, I am certain it will provide an extra edge for you on the battlefield, so use it wisely. Make sure to drink the whole thing. A half dose might have adverse side effects. You never know with magic.


PS: The potion is blue – just like you!

The package contained the following

For Foodle: five packets of tea that casts “calm emotions” on willing drinkers. According to the effects of the spell: You can suppress any effect causing a target to be charmed or frightened. When this spell ends, any suppressed effect resumes, provided that its duration has not expired in the meantime. Alternatively, you can make a target indifferent about creatures of your choice that it is hostile toward. This indifference ends if the target is attacked or harmed by a spell or if it witnesses any of its friends being harmed. When the spell ends, the creature becomes hostile again, unless the GM rules otherwise.

For Kiona: A brush made of special, scented rushes. When Kiona uses this brush on an animal, once per long rest she can gain a +3 on an animal handling check with the animal who has received the benefits of the brushing.

For Mazrah: Pocket Sand (3 uses) – this sand is particularly coarse and itchy. As an action, throw the sand in the face of one creature within 5 feet. The creature must make a constitution saving throw. On a failure, the creature is blinded and starts to cough. At the end of each turn it can make another saving through – success ends the effect.

For Goldril: An experimental potion. (Actually a potion of Heroism (obviously one time use) – drinker gains 10 temp hit points for 1 hour and the benefits of the bless spell – Whenever a target makes an attack roll or a saving throw before the spell ends, the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to the attack roll or saving throw.)

It has been so fun seeing how the party makes use of Granny’s gifts!

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