Sea of Twisted Souls – But What of the Lovers?

Sea of Twisted Souls – But What of the Lovers?

When Damian left San Francisco to explore the strange island which appeared off its coast, he never imagined he’d be caught in a life-long rivalry with Sentomoru, the islands enigmatic ruler. But of course, the trilogy’s central conflict can’t be forgotten. It’s time to resolve it – once and for all.

My co-author and I realized as soon as we planned the ending for Crossroads that Damian would have to return and tie off the dangling plot threads. But with such a massive time jump between books (sixteen years!) we also realized whatever kept him away for so long would have to be big. Such as information related to the sorcerer’s duel way back in the first book. Information that casts it in a whole new light. But Damian doesn’t know if he should act on that information, or simply try to let things go.

Because Damian, at last, realizes that he made some mistakes. At a time when he should have been concerned about salvaging his relationship with Catilen, he was instead concerned primarily with himself. Now he realizes he has damaged all his important relationships – with Catilen, with Morulin, and with a son who never knew him. But how can he mend these wounds after being away for so long? And why didn’t these realizations drive him home sooner?

I don’t want to spoil anything, but Damian has undergone the biggest transformation between books. Sixteen years of travel have taught him a lot about himself. But he’s also learned a lot about the lost art he’s studied all his life. Damian no longer needs teachers. He is, finally, Sentomoru’s equal. Not only that, Damian has joined a rare and elite group of sorcerers who know the secret to passing between dimensions, just as the island does.

But people don’t remain in stasis; Damian can’t expect to come home to the same wife he left. Catilen had to find her own happiness and absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. If Damian still wants a serious relationship, there are a lot of questions she’ll want answered – and she isn’t going to accept the usual deflections.

No matter how far, or how long, we run, we simply can’t escape our problems. And unfortunately for Damian, he has plenty of new issues ready to follow him home. Including a powerful new enemy that might be worse than Sentomoru.

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If Morulin’s family can’t heal their fractures, they might lose their dimension-hopping home…

It’s been sixteen years since Damian disappeared. Morulin’s twin brothers are preparing to take over the island while she struggles to find her place in its future. The last thing she needs is the emotional hurricane caused by Damian’s return.

Morulin isn’t interested in making amends. She’d rather spend her time with the enigmatic Pilgrim, a dimensional traveler with information critical to furthering her personal studies. Until someone attempts to assassinate the island’s new heirs and Damian lays the blame squarely on the Pilgrim’s shoulders.

Is Damian trying to frame an old rival? Or has something more sinister come to visit their island paradise?

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